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  • Waiting on the Weather

    It looks like Mother Nature and Old Man Winter aren't quite on the same page at the moment and with some warmer temperatures and rain forecasted this week, we will be waiting at least another week before the lift chairs start moving. But even if Mother Nature isn’t quite ready for winter, Blue Mountain Resort certainly is. We had initially been targeting November 27 as the start to the ski season and with that in mind, the team here at Blue has been checking a lot of items off the to-do list. To hopefully help you get through the waiting period leading up to our official Opening Day, here is some behind-the-scenes insight into all that goes on in preparation for winter.

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  • Grade 9 Students Shrare: 5 Things That Get Them Pumped Up for Winter

    We were fortunate to host a few students on Resort this month for Take Our Kids to Work Day. Here in Marketing, we put the kids to work and asked them to write a post for the Barn with full creative license! The topic they chose to write about? Snow! (Aren't kids great?) Hayley and Claire share with us the 5 reasons they're getting pumped for winter. 

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