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For our first post in the How-To series, we are reaching out to all the thrill-seekers and height-cravers. Blue Mountain has countless ways to sweep you off your feet, and we’re going to narrow it down in eight simple steps!

If you prefer soaring through the sky over having your feet planted on the ground, this how-to list is perfect for you. Reach the heights you’ve never experienced before on our attractions! Since half of our attractions will raise you up into the sky, there’s no limit to how high you can go. From the Climbing Wall to Triple Zips, you can start at any level or challenge yourself and reach new heights. So take a breath, conquer your fears, climb up to the sky, and experience the thrills!

1. Pack your bags
Unless you have a range of elevated attractions in your backyard, this how-to list cannot be accomplished from home. So grab your things and get on the road!

2. Drive to Blue Mountain
As Ontario’s largest mountain village resort, Blue Mountain has become a four-season destination with excitement for the whole family! If you’re interested in checking off the items on this list, this step is essential. With a vertical drop of 720 feet and countless attractions, we will help you soar through the sky!

3. Visit Activity Central
Activity Central is the place to plan all of your activities! Buy your tickets and book your excursions as soon as you arrive on resort. The Guest Services employees will help you find the perfect attractions for your interests, age, and budget!

4. Scale our Climbing Wall
Climb as far as you can on our Climbing Wall! It’s a great place to start if you’re not sure how you feel about heights. Test your limits and climb as high as you want. Once you’re comfortable and looking for the next level, you’ll be ready to try our other climbing adventures!

5. Jump onto the Ropes
With our low and high ropes courses, you can work your way up to the top. Choose between the Woodlot Low Ropes or the Timber Challenge High Ropes, or try both! Challenge yourself and see how high you can go!

6. Board our Gondola
Step onto our Open-Air Gondola and soar to the top of the mountain! The feeling of the cool breeze through your hair is incomparable; and the photo opportunities are endless. If you’re in for a challenge, put your climbing skills to the test and hike to the top of the mountain. The gondola ride down won’t cost you a cent, and you will feel even more accomplished as you ride through the sky!

7. Slide across our Zipline
Strap into your harness and grab hold of the Zipline. You will soar across the escarpment at speeds of 50km/h on this thrilling ride! The Wind Rider Triple Zips are one of the best ways to satisfy your desire to reach new heights.

8. Look out for new ways to touch the clouds! Coming soon: Apex Air Drop
Once you’ve checked off every item on this list, come back for more! This summer, the Apex Air Drop will arrive at Blue. The Air Drop will feature multiple platforms with an enormous air bag underneath. Visitors are invited to jump off the platforms and have their adrenaline skyrocket as they fly through the air and land onto the air bag!

With attractions like these, there’s no shortage of adventure at Blue Mountain! Keep checking for information on our numerous and ever-growing attractions. To find out which attractions and packages are perfect for you, take our mini-quiz at We’re always getting bigger at Blue!

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