How To: Make the Most Out of Your Weekend

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Here at Blue, we understand that it’s not always possible to book a week-long vacation from work so that you can visit us (as much as you’d like to). This week, our How-To guide is here to give you the inside information on everything you need to know if you’re only here for the weekend. Take a look at our tips for creating your own itinerary; you will be planning your weekend getaway in no time!

“The weekenders”, as we affectionately call them, are the groups who can only manage to visit Blue on the weekends and must therefore struggle to fit everything they can into their packed schedules. We know that you want to experience all that Blue Mountain has to offer while you’re here, so our expert itinerary-creators are here to give you a few tips. With these simple time-saving strategies, this How-To guide will help you plan your dream weekend!

1. Arrive on Friday night
As soon as the workday is finished, pack your things and start your vacation! We suggest avoiding the cottage country traffic by driving along a more scenic route on our county roads to steer clear of the major highways. Once you arrive, spend some time in the Blue Mountain Village with our exciting eateries, events, and nightlife! If you drive up on Friday night, you will get a long and relaxing sleep in one of our lovely suites before your action-packed Saturday.

2. Start your day at Activity Central
Activity Central is the place where every adventure begins! We suggest that you purchase all of your tickets at once; not only will you save time, but you will also save money. If you plan your activities ahead of time, you will save the stress of buying tickets in the middle of your weekend. If that isn’t enough to convince you, our Active Packs are exclusively available to lodging guests and will give you access to countless attractions for a low price. With the purchase of an Active Pack, you will receive eight tickets to use on any of our qualifying attractions. Purchase multiple Active Packs so that each member of your group can plan their own adventures! The Active Pack is your ticket to experiencing everything that you desire!

3. Try all of our Base-camp Attractions
Start your day on the ground! Our base-camp activities such as our Triple Zips, Putting Course, Mountain Coaster, Gondola, and Climbing Wall are all located close to each other to save you time moving from attraction to attraction. These activities are a great way to start your day and allow you to pack in a maximum amount of adventure into a minimum amount of time!

4. Choose between our Mid-Station and Summit Attractions
Our Low Ropes Courses, Segway Tours, and High Ropes Courses are all incredible attractions, and they each give you access to 2-3 hours of fun! For this reason, we suggest that you choose one or two of these attractions (one per day is ideal). This way, you can fill your day with as many activities as possible and still experience a few of our lengthy and thrilling attractions.

5. Leave some time to relax
Everyone knows that an overly-booked trip is not relaxing. To ensure that you have as much fun as possible, we suggest scheduling a bit of unscheduled time into your day. Spend some time walking around the retail shops, hike up one of our hiking trails, or grab something to eat at one of our fabulous restaurants. There are countless ways to have some down-time while still keeping everyone in your group occupied!

With these five simple tips, you will have your ideal weekend getaway designed in no time! Not only will you be able to comfortably pack in all the thrills, you will also have the perfect weekend at your fingertips. Get started now by heading over to our Reservations Page and start planning! You will enjoy your vacation so much that you will start calling yourself a “weekender”!

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