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Meghan the Intern

Although school may not be finished yet for the under 18s out there, I had the pleasure of wrapping up my exams in late-April. As I wondered how I would spend my summer, I dreaded the thought of returning to a non-air conditioned retail store for the next four months. To my excitement, I found out that Blue Mountain was looking for a summer Intern in their PR and Marketing department which sounded like the perfect way to spend my summer! Once I arrived for my first day, I realized that it was going to be even more fun than I thought.

“Is Blue Mountain looking for any new employees in their IT department?” my dad, a Systems Analyst, joked as I told my family about my first day on the job. I couldn’t even attempt to describe how nervous I was for my first day in a “big girl job”, as my family was calling it. I kept telling myself that being nervous simply means that you care about what you’re doing, so I embraced the nerves and had what I would call a great first day. As I told my parents and younger sister the types of things I will be doing this summer at Blue Mountain, I could hear the jealousy in their voices. As I described the videos of ziplining, golfing, biking, and hiking that I will soon be filming, my sister asked if I was looking for an assistant. “I’m the intern. I don’t think the intern gets an assistant” (sorry, sis!). I went on and on for about an hour about my new job: “… and on our lunch breaks we can try out the attractions!” I squealed. I had so much to tell them that it was hard to contain my excitement. By the end of the call, I had recruited three hopeful future employees of Blue Mountain.

Since I will be exploring Blue Mountain with you this summer, you should know a bit more about me. Here are a few key facts: I just finished my second year of University. Halfway through my degree, I’m ready to get out into “the real world” and put my Media and English knowledge to good use (yes, “the real world” is another term that stems from my family’s wonderful pep talks). I have been skiing since I was seven but I made the switch to snowboarding a few years ago, to my family’s dismay, and I absolutely love it. I will eat anything with cheese on it. If you’ve seen the commercials where the parents have to put cheese on every dish in order for their children to eat properly, then you know what I’m referring to when I say that commercial is based on my childhood. I’m also addicted to tea, I love fashion (and I wish I had the disposable income to buy unlimited amounts of clothing), and I can binge-watch Netflix TV shows for hours at a time. In high school, I was a typical theatre geek. If you were ever looking for me in the high school hallways, you’d have to direct your search to the auditorium for the glee club rehearsal. In University, I have developed my passion for writing while working for the broadcast news station on campus. My little sister will tell you that I have always loved to be the centre of attention – and being on stage or on camera is no exception!

I can’t wait to spend this summer blogging and reporting for Blue Mountain Resort! I hope that these posts will urge you to pack up the car, get out of the city, and join me in this beautiful region. I can assure you that everything is bigger at Blue!

Come explore the mountain with me,

Meghan the Intern

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