Taking the Leap


Meghan the Intern

Last week, I summoned the little bit of courage I have (or at least what was left after Downhill Mountain Biking) and ran off the first platform on the Apex Bagjump. As I flew through the air, I couldn’t help but squeal to express my excitement! As soon as the bag caught me and I knew I was safe, I wanted to do it all again.

It’s a good thing that one ticket earns you three jumps on the Bagjump – because I was hooked after just one! As I stood looking down at the air bag below, I could feel my heart pounding in anticipation. “1… 2… 3…” we yelled as we ran off the platform and leaped into the open air. Once you’ve convinced yourself to jump and you’re flying through the air, it’s all up to a little force we like to call gravity. My adrenaline skyrocketed as I soared and landed on what felt like an insanely oversized cushion.

The Apex Bagjump allows daredevils to jump from heights up to twenty-one feet! The attraction features four platforms of increasing height that thrill-seekers can choose between (after their qualifying jump, of course). Start small, test your limits, and challenge yourself by conquering the highest platform!

Take a look at my epic experience on the Bagjump:

Ok, I admit it: I wasn’t brave enough to jump from the highest platform. So I’m challenging you to push yourself to do more than I could. What are you waiting for? Channel your inner daredevil, walk up to that platform, and run until your feet are no longer touching the ground! Since the Apex Bagjump is a Basecamp attraction, there are many ways that you can combine it with other attractions to plan the perfect day. The feeling of freefalling is unparalleled, and you can follow it up with any activity of your choice if you pair it with one of our packages!

Come fly with me,

Meghan the Intern

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