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Meghan the Intern

Ok, I admit – I used to cringe when I got a blister on my hand or chipped my nail polish. But this summer, things have changed for me. I’ve spent so much more of my time outdoors, and I absolutely love it. I try to get outside every day – whether I’m trying one of the attractions, going downhill biking, or simply taking a walk around the Village on my lunch break – and it feels great!

“Oh, you’re that outdoorsy girl!” an acquaintance – or, should I say, Facebook “friend” that I had only met once – said to me this weekend when I started to explain my hobbies. If you asked me a year ago, I never would have thought I’d be referred to that way. People who knew me in high school would attest to the fact that I was a typical girly-girl. And although I still love to shop and pamper myself, I have new hobbies that incorporate adventure and the outdoors.

People say “you only live once” – perhaps more commonly referred to as “YOLO” amongst the teen crowd – and although I’ve always cringed when I heard that phrase, I do think it can be true to a certain extent. This phrase has garnered a bad reputation. “YOLO!” you’ll hear teens squeal right before they do something that they know is a bad decision. Me, I think about it before I step off the platform and soar across the Zipline. I think about it before I leap and fly through the air onto the Bagjump. I think about it before I attempt that challenging filter on the downhill trails that I’ve never conquered before. Basically, I think about it before I’m about to challenge myself and push my limits. To me, that’s what it should mean.

If you’re as big of a Wizard of Oz fan as I am, you’ll understand the connection I used to make between myself and the Cowardly Lion. I mean, come on – his name literally begins with the word “Cowardly”. He’s classified as cowardly from the very start, and works as hard as he can to fight it. For me, I had classified myself as cowardly and have been trying to act otherwise. All summer, I have been putting on my bravest face and trying to prove that I actually do have a few ounces of courage. I think I’ve made the switch from the “Cowardly Meghan” to “Meghan the Intern” simply by enjoying my time outside and focusing on the fun in everything I do.

“You only live once”: so challenge yourself with an adventure. You’ll never be bored as long as you have a door that leads outside. Go for a walk, ride your bike, swim, run, climb, jump – the list is enormous. At Blue, the possibilities become endless because of the attractions including ziplines, segway tours, mountain biking, and ropes courses. And of course fear is no excuse, because you can do anything if you silence your doubts and believe in yourself.

I strongly believe that a little positivity goes a long way. This belief is supported by the fact that there were numerous activities that I did not think I’d ever do, but somehow I had the courage to try them all this summer! Last weekend, I told a waitress at my favourite brunch spot that I was about to go downhill mountain biking to which she replied, “Wow, you’re one of those crazy people!” Yes, I’m one of those “crazy” girls who fly down the mountain on a bike – and I honestly never thought “Cowardly Meghan” would be able to say that!


See you outside,

Meghan the Intern

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