Mental fortitude through endurance

Mental toughness is such a huge topic of discussion in athletics. First and foremost, you must believe in you. No matter how lofty your goal may seem, it’s always attainable. You need to quiet the voices of self doubt but also quiet the outside chatter of individuals. Set backs will always happen and you need…

5×7® Flexibility

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean we should stay inside. As Ned Stark once said, “Winter is coming!” Let’s prepare so we can celebrate instead of hibernate.

Run Rachel, Run

Author: Rachel SklarThe summer season is in full effect on the mountain. Everything is in full swing from the Timber Challenge, Woodlot Low Ropes, Mountain Segway tours, putting course to an incredible array of delicious food in the Village. The summer trails are a whirlwind of trails that have been solely allocated to hikers for…

Doing it for the Gram

Capturing that perfect photo during your vacation is key. Trust me. I know from experience. How are your friends and family supposed to be jealous of all the fun you’re having if you don’t have photos to prove it.

Run Hard, Mom Hard

Written by: Caitlin Foisy, follow her adventures at @runhardmomhard Being an active mom with 3 kids, I’m always looking for fun activities to do with the family (and also local trails I can tackle on my own for some ‘me’ time).  This year our family purchased the ‘explore’ pass, and we’ve been taking advantage of…

Trail Running 101

Let’s just say that 2020 is a year of transition, new mindsets and stepping out of our comfort zones. One of these transitions is from road running to trail running.

5 weeks of fun!

I think it goes without saying week 4 challenges were by far the most fun! Spending an hour outside each day should be mandatory in our books, but it was so great to see all the hobbies and pastimes that you all take part in. Paddling, cycling, hiking, golfing and gardening – so much gardening! We love it.  We’d…

We’re Always Outside

What a week! It was highly impressive to see the kms climb on the leaderboard last week. Last week we had 55 people log their runs for a total of over 1231.5km! That is so impressive