Keep Calm and Picnic On

I’d like to preface by saying this article is not just about a picnic. On the surface? Sure! But I also aim to highlight the effects that a simple picnic can have on the mental health of a person. Curious how? Let’s dive in!

Everyone deals with stress differently. What may work for one, has the complete opposite effect on another.

With this being said, stress is a completely normal aspect of everyday life. If you haven’t noticed either, Blue is a pretty busy place. Working in a fast-paced environment has shown to increase stress – so it is important for us to understand how to deal with stress appropriately.

So, how DOES one Reduce Stress?


Healthy lifestyle choices are a leading factor in reducing stress levels. This can be anything from cutting back on that extra Starbucks treat (whomp whomp whomp) or reducing your social media time to gain a few extra minutes of relaxation at the end of the night.

Study after study has shown that physical activity and fresh air go hand in hand in reducing stress and anxiety. Now, if only we had a beautiful landscape to take advantage of…. oh wait!

Managing Your Stress

While it may not be feasible to have a luxurious picnic on your lunch hour every day of the week, it is important to make sure you take advantage of down time when you can.

Removing yourself from the work environment is an important practice to give your mind a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Lucky for us, we are gifted with the best outdoor playground around. Even the simple activity of walking around the Village, people watching at the Gondola, or taking a ride to the top of the Mountain can create a significantly healthier mindset.

Whether you do this during your lunch, before your shift or at the end of a hard day – why not take advantage of all that Blue has to offer?

How cool is it that this is our backyard?!

Attractions, shops and eateries aside, our Mountain is a pretty beautiful thing on its own. Try taking a friend, family member or yourself for a picnic – you may be surprised at just how relaxing this simple (and totally free) act is.

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