Life Behind Bars

Handle bars, that is.

I’ve gushed time and time again about how much us employees here at Blue practice the #LiveItOutside lifestyle. I’m sure you’ve caught on by now, but if you haven’t – I’ll say it again. We LOVE to live it outside.

We encourage this lifestyle so much in fact, that we give our employees free bikes!

Actually, let me rephrase that.

We give our employees the opportunity to participate in a free Bike Share Program*

*Important to note that these bikes are shared and are not actually gifted, given, donated, allocated, (you catch my drift) to the employee.

Confused? Let me Explain!

Our Employee Bike Share Program allows our employees the opportunity to bike around the Resort.

In case anyone has missed it, our campus here is pretty large. Getting around conveniently throughout the day can be difficult, especially when you factor in parking, waiting for shuttles, etc.

To help ease the commute around Resort, our fantastic Bike Share Coordinator (shoutout to Christine!) has designed this program for all staff to enjoy!

Not only does it help getting from the Inn to the ROC in a hurry, it also helps increase our initiative of going green! Why burn fuel when you can take one of our snazzy bikes?!

So, where does one find these snazzy bikes?!

Let me tell you! There are multiple bike racks around the Resort that house our bikes included in this program. Just look for one of these signs…


Just like anything, you need to make sure you sign up before participating in this program. Why, you may ask?

  • You need the code – and we do not give the code without signing up 🙂
  • Rules and regulations are super important! Sharing is caring and we need to respect this aspect of the program.
  • Codes can change throughout the season, we need to make sure we’ve got your details to pass along any changes!

Still Have Questions?

You can register for this program through HR Reception (located at the ROC). We will provide you with the form and are happy to answer any questions you may have about this great program!

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