Our Mountain Will Move You

Our Mountain Will Move You. Physically, Metaphorically, Occupationally, Our Mountain Will Move You. And what better way to celebrate the employees who play such a key role in this movement? Why, a party of course!

The wonderful HR team posing on the red carpet!

June 3rd commenced the annual Celebration of Excellence, or COE for short. Every year, the amazingly talented teams within Blue Mountain come together to create one epic party. The purpose? Celebrating the achievements of our one of a kind staff! Strutting our stuff on the Red Carpet – we strolled into the show stopping event.

We were greeted with the wonderful creations of Chef Kartik Kumar and his team – and let me tell you, the food did not disappoint! Moving around the venue to the various carving stations, made to order noodles and extravagant salad bar, it was a dinner to remember.

Once all were fed and thirsts were quenched, the speeches began! Blue Mountain’s President, Dan Skelton, gracefully introduced the idea of “Our Mountain Will Move You”. Through a resonating video and expression of this movement, staff were able to reflect on their journey at Blue and the individual moments that made them move.

How Exactly does Our Mountain Move You, You Ask?

We are moved physically through downhill, uphill or cross country Winter and Summer activities. One is moved by the memories created with a family or friend visit to Blue. Employees are moved through life in their career choices and progressions throughout Blue. There is magic in our Mountain, and Our Mountain Will Move You.

A fabulous way to showcase just how Our Mountain Will Move You was through the speeches that followed. Both 10 and 25 Year Recipients were honoured through a collection of statements from appreciative staff members and shared for all to hear. It was an inspiring way to allow the guests of COE to recognize the hard work and dedication set forth by these staff members.

What a milestone! Pictured here is our 10 and 25 year recipients who were able to attend the event.

He said WHAT?!

After the speeches commenced, we were entertained by musician/comedian Dave Loopstra. After only a few short visits to Blue, Dave found a few quirks and kinks to poke fun at. All in good humour, the crowd found a way to laugh it off.

Now Let’s Get this Party Started!

Once the laughs were over, the DJ and dance began! Providing guests with free rooms for the evening encouraged a worry free environment to have fun. It was a great way to kick start the week and celebrate after a long hard Winter.

All in all, it was an exceptional event with invaluable company and priceless memories. Working at Blue is the start of something special, and what better way to reiterate that than to share that feeling with those around you. We may Move differently throughout our time at Blue, but we Move nonetheless. This is #howweblue.

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