Ready, Set, Climb!

At Blue, our staff are constantly looking for new ways to #LiveItOutside. Our newest attraction “the Canopy Climb” is no exception.

Nestled away in the trees right before the Timber Challenge, the Canopy Climb is the epitome of outdoor recreation. This massive tree fort includes suspended nets, slides and treehouses looking out to the beautiful scenery of Georgian Bay. And do you know what makes this attraction even better? It is just as fun for adults as it is for little tykes! Geared for ages 3 and up, this is the perfect excursion for the entire family.

The view of the course from the top deck!

After lots of hard work and dedication from our Blue crew, the Net Adventure debuted its grand opening this past weekend. 

But before we opened it up to the masses, us staff at Blue had to test it out first – right?

Resort wide invitations to staff allowed free access to try out the new digs the day before the big public reveal. It was a great opportunity to see firsthand what this attraction was all about and a nice way to kick start the long weekend.

Nothing Beats a Mid Day Net Adventure…

After the laborious hike (too dramatic?) to the Canopy Climb entrance, we were all set to go. While I had kept tabs on the progress of the build from afar, there was no way of knowing how large scale this attraction was until you were in the thick of it.

The different tiers of nets, slides and lookouts made for an exciting adventure to explore. The various cages had different levels of resistance and bounce, making for a challenging but oh so fun team building exercise.

For those less adventurous or looking for a more relaxing experience, sticking to the edges of the cages were a little more tame. It was just as entertaining to take a minute in the treehouses to check out the scenery and cheer on the screaming patrons flying down the Ridge Runner.

Try It For Yourself!

Didn’t get the chance to try this out last week? No problem! Staff at Blue are given 50% off attraction tickets – take your friends, family, or yourself to check it out.


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