Embracing Mother Nature: A Look Back at Blue Mountain’s Historical Days on Snow

At Blue, we know a thing or two about snow. As Ontario’s largest ski and snowboard destination, we’ve been at the forefront of snowmaking innovation. Leading operations by being the first resort to move to a fully automated system the late 1990’s and continuing to be one of the most powerful snowmaking operations in Canada. While we leverage our snowmaking expertise and do what we can to maintain a sustainable ski resort, navigating the weather and conditions Mother Nature deals us requires us to adapt. We know Blue Mountain is the reason millions of people love winter. It’s where they stay active, stay connected, and make lasting winter memories, and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

Across the mountain, 96% of Blue’s 365 acres of skiable terrain is serviced by snowmaking infrastructure. There are approximately 750 snow guns including this year’s 77 newly installed high temp guns that can make snow in temperatures as warm as -2 degrees Celsius. While we can’t tell Mother Nature what to do, we are committed to snow and getting you on hill as much as possible with our multi-million dollar investment in snowmaking.

As of March 15, 2024, we hit 100 days on snow for the 23/24 season! This achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our remarkable snowmaking team, who have worked around the clock to take advantage of every snowmaking window.

As we look ahead to our April 14, 2024 closing date—which is our average closing date over the past four decades —we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll surpass our season average days on snow with a total of 130 days open for the 23/24 season*. Reflecting on our track record, the ten-year average of days open stands at 117, with fluctuations like our record low of 50 days in 2020 due to COVID-19 closures, and our record high of 147 days in 2013. Adaptability has become second nature at Blue Mountain, especially in the face of milder winters, prompting us to seize every available opportunity for snowmaking to maintain the magic of our slopes.

As a winter destination and as environmental stewards, we are always balancing our investment in our operation with environmental sustainability. As a Protect Our Winters (POW) Resort Alliance partner, the team at Blue collaborates with POW in their efforts to increases awareness and advocate for government action on climate change, so that everyone can experience the joy of winter on our mountain.

We’re dedicated to snow, even when Mother Nature throws us a curveball. With our industry-leading snowmaking operations and commitment to creating snowy adventures for you to enjoy, you can rest assured that you’ll be shredding the slopes at Blue for generations to come!

*Weather and conditions permitting.

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