A Green Holiday at Blue

Our Manager of Guest Services does a great job of keeping things positive – no matter how green our holidays have been this year. We had to share her version of T’was the Night Before Christmas which pokes a little fun at this mild start to the season. It’s a little belated but still worth sharing. Enjoy!

T’was the Night Before Christmas (…although it felt more like June…)
And resorts across Ontario were praying for snow to come soon.

Yet the staff at Blue Mountain remained enthusiastic and keen
To show their guests the best time, even with everything green.

Summer attractions were re-opened, surprisingly nimble and quick,
No one could have done it much better, not even jolly St. Nick.

The putting course was prepared; the ropes harnesses pulled out;
Winter staff were quickly trained on what summer at Blue is about.

All of the Segways were brought back out of storage with care,
And set up at Monterra golf course, so that tours could run there.

Against crazy odds and warm temps, snow makers ran the sled guns
So Easy Rider and Explorer could offer beginners some runs

It was inspiring and amazing to see it all fall into place.
In order to keep a big holiday smile on every guest’s face.

Each department contributed in their own unique way.
To keep Blue Mountain the best destination to visit and play.

Making it happen wasn’t easy, for a resort the size of Blue,
But the staff cheerily worked together, as the staff always do.

Whether in Housekeeping or F&B, Guest Services or Patrol
Each dedicated employee was keeping it all under control.

A most unconventional Christmas put Blue Mountain to the test,
Yet Blue proved the memories created are still among the very best.

So it was later that night, with a full moon in the sky,
That Santa slowed down his sleigh as he was passing by.

He thought: “What’s happening at Blue Mountain? I still hear laughter and cheer,
But why aren’t the mountain lights on, and why aren’t the night skiers here?”

He parked his sleigh at the top of Orchard Express in a daze,
And was shocked when his reindeer all started to graze.

“What’s this, GRASS?! This is crazy,” and he pulled his phone out.
“I must give Mother Nature a quick neighbourly shout.”

“Yes, I’m sorry to wake you,” Santa said into the phone with a smile.
“How are you doing these days? It’s been quite a while!”

He then explained the situation of Blue’s mild weather plight.
“It’s a tradition that I ski here on this most significant night!”

“I don’t care if it’s the west’s turn for cold, this is where I choose to ski,
I swear I will call Father Time if you don’t cooperate with me!”

He listened for a moment, gave a jolly laugh and nodded his head.
Turned his phone off, took the reins and got comfortable in his sled.And as his reindeer commenced ascending, a cold breeze began to blow. The temperature dropped well below zero … and it began to snow.

As he passed by the full moon, Santa looked down with affection at Blue.
“Happy holidays to all, and a very Merry Christmas to you.”

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