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What is there to do during a Stay-at-Home order? Well staying at home for starters. But if you’re like me then you want to keep the stoke of snowboarding and skiing alive and fuelled. Not like a little candle flame though. I want the stoke to be on a massive backyard bonfire level, like one from my childhood in the early 90’s. It was probably too big and a little dangerous as the flames were taller than the roof of the house, but it’s the level of stoke these movies are sure to give you.   

I had to collaborate with a few team members on this, otherwise it would be a love letter to women’s snowboarding parts and old Forum Snowboards movies – Devun Walsh, I love you <3. Without further ado, here is a pretty epic list. 

Follow Me Around – Mack Dawg Productions. We all know music can make or break a movie, so I chose to start the list by really hitting you hard with what is possibly the best all-around soundtrack. Featuring some OG’s like DCP, Aaron Biittner and, of course, Jeremy Jones.  

Afterlame by Robot Food – It’s no secret that all the Robot Food videos are incredible, but you get to see the personality of the riders in Afterlame’s interview footage. David Benedek says it all in the opening line. “Is it fun? Ya, I think its great times! …. No matter how great it is, if you do something a lot you lose perspective on how good or great it really is. It normally happens when you get hurt and you can’t snowboard that you realize how fun it really is.”  

All.I.Can – Sherpas Cinemas puts out some incredible films. Lots of pillows, steep lines and they filmed a ton of it in Canada. The JP Auclair segment is so good, what a legend.

91 Words for Snow. The newly created Blank Paper Studio comes hot off the heels of Robot Food, lead again by David Benedek. This video gives you so much big mountain perspective, but also a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the “step-over” style jump that pushed the sport into bigger, safer territory.

Full Moon – An all female snowboard movie driven by Leanne Pelosi. It pays homage to the ladies that paved the way like Tara Dakides and Barrett Christy, and features a complete bad ass group of ladies including the likes of Robyn Van Gyn, Kimmy Fassani, Hana Beaman and Elena Hight. When Jamie Anderson is considered the newbie in the group, you know you are in for a treat.

Deja Vu – The best Canadian urban riders of all time. Will Lavigne, Frank April, Louif Paradis. For those of you who don’t know them – I am not mad, just disappointed. Take the time and study. Watch the masters at work.

One World – Burton – Sure there is big mountain, but there’s also Maria Thomsen in the Maritimes of Canada during the biggest storm of the century. It’s a lesson on how to properly *Mic drop*

Art of Flight – Brain Farm – NOW STOP! Do not roll your eyes at me. Travis Rice and Curt Morgan truly elevated what a snowboard movie could be. For me though, scroll to 35:31. The backcountry party day is so relatable. Not because we are all sending it in the backcountry compliments of Red Bull, but it reminds me of how much fun you can have with your solid crew of friends just doing silly things on the mountain. Everyone has those “best days” on the mountain, and watching this section makes me feel it – except for Scotty Lago, sorry about your jaw. This also paved the way for backcountry contests like Super Natural, Ultra Natural and the Natural Selection Tour.

DC Mountain Lab – If you want inspiration to build a backyard snowboard park, you might as well get it from the best that ever existed.

Seven Sunny Days – Matchstick Productions. Any of the Matchstick productions movies are a solid 10/10, but I chose this because of the late great Sarah Burke has an absolute banger section, as well as Shane McConkey’s James Bond inspired section. Both gone far too soon and absolutely talented.

I know there was a lot we didn’t hit upon, so stay tuned for round two and maybe even round three as there are so many movies to cover, including some outstanding mainstream movies with iconic ski/snowboard themes.

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