Blue Mountain GoPro Ambassadors

We’re proud to be sponsored by GoPro as we share a similar vision, to ‘free people to celebrate the moment and inspire others to do the same’. This year at Blue Mountain we rounded up 6 eager volunteers to capture life at Blue Mountain. Equipped with GoPro’s we sent them out to explore.

Introducing 2017/18’s Go Pro Ambassadors


My name is Becki Relihan,

• I am the On-Hill Assistant Manager for Patrol Services at BMR. I LOVE what I do because I get to help people, interact with staff and guests, and get to enjoy the outdoors!

• I use my GoPro for EVERYTHING! I carry it with me all of the time, and try to capture every moment. My favorite thing to use my GoPro for is candid action shots. From the last picture in a burst that is an epic laughing shot, through to action footage doing an outdoor activity.

• Blue Mountain has been my home for skiing, biking, hiking, and exploring since I was 2 years old. I have gone from being here part time, to living here full time, and loving every minute of it! I love being a part of the Blue Mountain family both as an employee, and as someone who uses everything the resort has to offer in my free time. I can never get enough!

Ski or Board? I ski and snowboard! I can never choose which I like best, so I do both! .. mostly depending on the snow.
Summer or Winter? I pick winter every time!
Favourite Green Season Activity? Hiking
What’s top of your bucket list? To go heli skiing, and to see the Northern Lights
Favourite quote- Whatever you want to do, do it.
Favourite food- Sushi
Hidden Talent- Can type ~190 words per minute with minimal error, without looking.

Sean Fuller
Sean Fuller

Winter, Blue Mountain Ski Race Coach with the Jozo Weider Race Club. Summer, Adventure Lead Guide.
Winter, I teach athletes to ski fast and try to ensure it’s done in a safe controlled environment. I spend most of my time outdoors on the mountain, setting courses. Mentoring younger coaches and athletes is what is most rewarding. I love what I do so much that you will almost always find me with a smile on my face. (And NO it’s not frozen from the cold). On my days off, you will see me skiing around with friends. Summer, you’ll find me outside, hanging out in the trees or hiking on Blue Mountain.

• I use the GoPro cameras to capture moments, that, I believe, are worth sharing. Winter, I enjoy skiing fast in the morning when it’s not busy. The GoPro Quik app has the speedometer feature that displays real time speed during playback (love that feature). I also use the cameras to show athletes a different perspective on how they ski. I’ve used “Chest mount POV”, “Follow Cam” and even a “Lead Cam” angle to help athletes understand and make positive changes in their skiing. During the summer months I bring myself closer to nature by shooting all living things…… with GoPro!

• Working at Blue Mountain Resort is a great experience. I love to share what goes on here so others can experience it as well. Even if it’s only through pictures or video.

Ski or Board? Ski and Board….. But, much better at Skiing.
Summer or Winter? Summer and Winter….. But, much better at winter
Favourite Green Season Activity? Windrider Zip Line
What’s top of your bucket list? Been there, done that
Favourite quote- I believe that skiing / snowboarding is for everyone, no matter what age or ability
Favourite food- Anything my wife cooks, she makes everything taste delicious
Hidden Talent- Nothing hidden, all talents in full view.


Emily Smith
I am Emily,

• I’m a photography & coffee addict working at Blue Mountain seasonally. Currently working in Starbucks, which is not helping my coffee addiction much. I came to Blue Mountain after travelling long term and spending a lot of time around Australia.

• Usually I take my photos with iPhone 7, my trusty Canon equipment and GoPro for the days when I need something more robust. I love to capture images that show the personality of a place, moments of time and, of course, the many different cafes I visit – I’m alwats I’m on the hunt for the perfect cup of caffeine so drop by my Instagram and tell me where you found yours!

Ski or board? Boarding
Summer or Winter? Trick answer- Autumn! There is nothing like the red leaves and cool but sunny days (these are my favourite)
Favourite Green season activity? Walks down by flowing water or anywhere with a great view. I get bored with my feet stuck in one place too long
What’s top of my bucket list? I ticked a fair few of these off recently so I need to get some new ones but I think the next thing I would like to do is head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!
Favourite Quote- “There is no Certainty, there is only Adventure”
Favourite food- Anything Asian influence but Japanese food is probably my favourite!
Hidden Talent- Crafts & DIY! There’s nothing more I love than making and creating or upcycling with my hands. It’s a great creative outlet.

Jack Sim
Jack Sim

• I am the Adaptive Specialist in The Snow School and the Ropes Department.

• I love using the GoPro to capture all the people and spectacular environment of The Blue Mountain Resort and all the beautiful scenery in the Blue Mountain area.

Ski or board? I am a skier
Summer or Winter? I love all 4 seasons at Blue Mountain.
Favourite Green season activity? Love the Zips and the High Ropes.
What’s top of my bucket list? I don’t have a bucket list, I believe in doing stuff when you the feeling hits you.
Favourite Quote- It is not in the trying and succeeding but in the trying and failing that you have the most fun!
Favourite food- My favorite food changes daily.
Hidden Talent- Let’s go with making window frame mirrors

I’m Stephanie,

• I’ve been a lifty at Blue for two seasons. I love what I do at Blue, every day is different, I get to hear all sorts of life stories and everyone is happy that it is winter and enjoying the outdoors.

• As a part of the Blue Mountain GoPro Ambassador program I love to try to capture the life of day to day operations that make the experience at Blue what it is. As a lifty I am also lucky to have a pretty spectacular view of Georgian Bay with the best seat possible riding down the lift line. It’s a perspective very few people get to experience first hand and I want to share that.

Ski or board? I am a skier that loves winter.
Summer or Winter? You can always dress for cold.
Favourite Green season activity? In the green season I love to be out on hikes foraging for wild edibles.
What’s top of my bucket list? Top of my bucket list is to go to the Ann W Richards Congress Ave bridge in Austin Texas during late summer to watch the bats.
Favourite Quote- “All those who love nature she loves in return and will reward richly. Not perhaps with the finest things as they are commonly called, but with the best things of this world.” John Lubbock
Favourite food- Pizza. Always pizza
Hidden Talent- I can bake pretty much anything without eggs and still have it taste awesome.

Lindsay Koenig

I’m Lindsay Koenig,

• I have been working for BMR for over 15 years but currently work in snowmaking and resort operations.

• I love using GoPro at work to show people some of what happens behind the scenes and how hard some of those BTS people work to bring a good snow product. I love using GoPro in my personal life to document my adventures with my dogs.

Ski or board? Snowboard over ski
Summer or Winter? Tie game for winter vs summer
Favourite Green season activity?– Favorite green season activity is mountain biking
What’s top of my bucket list?– a snowboard trip to Japan
Favourite Quote- Strive to be worth knowing rather than to be well known
Favourite food- Favourite food is pizza
Hidden Talent- Hidden talent is that I have deadly accuracy when shooting an elastic band.

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