Blue Mountain Newbie Chronicles IV

Did I almost graduate?

I did .. almost. I didn’t quite get on to the Graduate slope. But hey, that’s what Newbie Chronicles 5 is for right?

This time on the Newbie Circuit I hit the slopes full force. Straight up the magic carpet, on to stage 3 where I asked the instructor for some tips or tricks for turning. He told me to shift my weight from ski to ski as I glide down (or tumble).

I met my friend on the hill who coaxed me on to stage 4. For some reason, I was a little reluctant, mainly because stage 4 is short but steeper, so I needed control. There I was at the top of stage 4, looking down and feeling a little panicked. I also felt that in future hindsight this would be laughable. It was then, as I set off sliding down stage 4, I realized the importance of turning to control your speed. Because if you can’t engage your pizza hard and fast then you’re going straight off the bottom of the hill, just like I almost did. Sidestepping back to the magic carpet is a good workout for sure.

View from the Magic Carpet on Undergrad of the Graduate lift.

Once I was back at the top of the slope the instructor helped me grasp how to control speed by turning and guided me through stage 4.

Since I’ve been learning to ski I’ve been learning not just about being on the slopes but also a lot about ski culture and vocabulary.

Words I’ve learned

  • Polar Vortex
  • Death Cookies – Chunks of ice in the snow
  • Squalls – A snow squall is a sudden moderate to heavy snowfall with blowing snow and strong, gusty surface winds. Also known as a whiteout
  • Magic Carpet – A big ‘conveyer belt’ lift to take newbie skiers and boarders back to the top of the slope
  • Valet – Where you can safely leave your skis or board during the day or overnight
  • Newbie Circuit – Blue Mountain’s 4 stage circuit for newbie skiers or snowboarders to learn with on hand instructors
  • Trail – A trail, when used in context with skiing/snowboarding, means the slopes
  • Après – Means ‘after’ in French. Usually refers to food or drinks you have after you’ve been skiing. Can also refer to ski fashion.
  • A Jerry – A newbie skier/boarder that is making all the newbie mistakes
  • Ski Demo Day – A day to meet some of the biggest names in the ski and snowboard industry. You can try next year’s ski and snowboard gear before anyone else and compare models before purchasing
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – meaning it draws moisture away from the body
  • Snowshoeing – Is the activity of using specially designed shoes to distribute your weight to walk over snow
  • Base layers – Layers you wear as a base under your clothes and outerwear

Stuff I’ve Learned

  • Can I teach myself? – No, it’s way too dangerous
  • You can add on Terrain Park access to your pass for $10
  • What can you get from rentals? Poles, helmet, gloves, boots, glasses, googles. You could get the Newbie Package which would include all your rentals and a newbie lift ticket

Learning to ski isn’t just about learning how to do it. It’s also learning about the culture that comes with it the different words that are used as well. So far I’ve found it very eye-opening and love everything about it. More words I’ve learned to follow.

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