Blue Mountain Supply Co.

As you stroll through the village for your daily Starbucks visit, you may have noticed there is a new kid on the block called Blue Mountain Supply Co. This is THE official logo wear of Blue Mountain Resort.  And take note, this isn’t your typical branded wear – everything in the shop is mountain inspired, including apparel and accessories that will help you to represent Blue Mountain, loud and proud.

The store is open now, but an official grand opening will take place on Sunday June 9th, which is also Community Day at Blue. The opening will feature fun, interactive games, and a photo booth brought to you by Blue Mountain Supply Co., as well as prizes and discounts throughout the day.

Here are some of my favourite items in the store so far:

1. Not so tin mug.

These mugs mimic current “so hot right now” vintage camping vibes. They’re made with stone, so they keep that sweet nectar of the gods (coffee) hot for long lasting satisfaction. The design is meant to inspire nature nostalgia. So, while you might be sitting at your desk zoning out on those TPS reports, you’ll feel like you’re sitting around a campfire surrounded by trees as you sip out of this awesome cup.

2. Blue Mountain Sweat Pants

You’re lying to yourself if you don’t long to get home, take off the work clothes and relax in some sweats. While not all sweat pants are created equally, the sweat pants of Blue Mountain Supply Co. rank in the top percentile (right up there with the salt and pepper line of Roots sweat pants –available at Red Devil). When lounging in these comfy pants, the world just seems like a better place.

3. Sherpa travel koozie

You can hold any warm or cold beverage in the Sherpa. Hot coffee to go: check! Refreshing ice cold water: check! But the coolest feature is being able to ditch the lid and slide in an entire can of *ahem* beer! Then it becomes a heavy-duty, hidden beverage koozie.

4. Campus Sweater

Maybe you went to university, maybe you didn’t – but there is one thing we all have in common; being students at the school of Blue Mountain. Whether it be a degree in ‘Pow Days’, a Masters in “how many laps can I get in before my mom picks me up?” or even a ‘transfer student’ from skiing to snowboarding, we’ve all attended at least one lesson. So, retire that old collegiate letterman jacket and pick up a Blue Mountain logo campus sweater. 

5. Jozo’s Stein

Let’s face it, you’re not truly a local until you’ve cut a rug with your finest fur (faux of course) vest during Après hour at Jozos. While we may get older and those instances become few and far between, you can now re-live some of your most cherished hazy memories from the comfort of your own home.

Blue Mountain Supply Co. is open Sunday to Thursday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Friday to Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm. You can find it in the Village, right across from Starbucks.

Published by Melissa Kurtin

Resident Gryffindor of the Marketing Team, combines her passion for the outdoors with her love of rule following to help you get the most of your Blue Mountain experience