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From mountaintop views to hidden gems, there are endless ways to explore Blue Mountain. Grab your water bottle, your hiking shoes and your sense of adventure as you head out for a day outside.  

Wake up and get organized by downloading our Mountain Trail Map and planning your path. Your Explore All Day Pass gives you access to over 30km of trails across the mountain but don’t worry; we have some suggested routes to help you take it all in.  

Grab breakfast at one of the delicious spots in the Blue Mountain Village and make a point to book your hotel pool time for the end of the day using your [LINK] provided upon check-in (you’ll have earned a cool swim!).  

Make sure you have your Explore All Day wristbands on and your hiking gear packed. You’re never too far from your room but we do recommend you prepare for a full day on the trails with a water bottle, closed toed shoes, bug spray, sunscreen and a fully charged phone.  

Start your day at the south end of the Resort where you can start up the Green World Hiking Trail. Green World crisscrosses up Blue Mountain through tree islands and along open ski trails. Keep an eye out for action as this trail is multi-use and shared with cross-country bikers.  

Half way up, you can take a right to join the Cascade hiking trail. Cascade follows a water fall down the mountain and features scenic outlooks, rocky steps and the Cascade Rainbow Bridge where you can snap a few memorable pics before taking in the calming sounds of the waterfall located at the top.   

Follow the mountaintop trails north and enjoy the views over Southern Georgian Bay. See if you can spot the Collingwood Terminals and the historic Lighthouse along the shores.  

Following the Time Line Trail, learn about Blue Mountain’s 80 year history and the man who started it all, Jozo Weider. This level walking path will take you to the centre of the Mountain where you can have a mountaintop meal at Summitview Pavilion.  A well-earned lunch with the best views of the Escarpment can’t be beat at this al fresco style restaurant.  

Before heading down, check out some of the Mountaintop trails like Sticks and Stones or Memory Lane. Just a few steps from the top of the Gondola, Memory Lane is an easy loop that reveals a beautiful memorial garden made up of iron flowers. Stone landscaping on this mid-mountain clearing make for a quiet resting spot before adventuring on. 

If you want to switch from hiking to pedaling, you can explore by bike by heading to the Woodview Bike Hut to pick up a rental bike. Cruise along the top of Blue all the way to the north end of the mountain along Cagey or Outer Limits trails. Make a loop on one or both trails before heading back to return your bike before heading down the Mountain  

When you’re ready to make your way out of the woods, you can enjoy an Open-Air Gondola ride down the Mountain, which is included in your Explore All Day Pass. Kick off your hiking boots and enjoy a dip in the pool during that timeslot you booked earlier in the day.   

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Resident Gryffindor of the Marketing Team, combines her passion for the outdoors with her love of rule following to help you get the most of your Blue Mountain experience

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