Field Trips Are Better At Blue

Hop on the school bus with a two-way ticket to fun at Blue Mountain! Looking for an end of school year celebration or planning ahead to next fall’s class adventures? Keep reading to find out why field trips are just better at Blue.

As Easy As 1-2-3

When you bring your class here, we make it as easy as ABC or 1-2-3! Blue Mountain provides a world-class outdoor education facility, unsurpassed by any other in Ontario. We live life outdoors, and thrive on being active and having fun. We bring the Ontario Curriculum to life through our year-round experiential education offerings for students of all ability in Kindergarten through Grade 12. To support learning goals, we are happy to provide affordable field trip experiences based on learning goals as well as student needs and interest. All activities align with Ontario Curriculum expectations in the subject areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health & Physical Education and more. No need to plan ahead – we’ve got you covered!

Flexible Activities For All

Kids thrive on new experiences and a chance to challenge themselves. We provide the ultimate outdoor playground to expand your curriculum beyond the basics. Choose from a fantastic variety of activities and attractions that will build confidence, foster camaraderie and improve physical fitness for your students! We have activities that are inclusive to all, whether your crew loves a physical challenge, a brain teaser, a relaxed learning experience, or more.

Lesson Plans Galore

We’re pleased to provide educators with an easy to use information portal. Here you will find all Blue Mountain Activities at a Glance as well as information on each individual Resort activity with regards to Season, Division, Curriculum Alignment, Safety, Accessibility and OPHEA guidelines. You will also have access to individual lesson plans for each activity! Plus, you’ll find suggestions for follow-up assignments to take home, so that the learning can continue in your classroom.

Whether you’re here to have some fun in the sun this summer, or planning ahead to hike around in the fall, at Blue Mountain we have space for all. Check out our website for more information on how to book today.

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