FRZN Rail Jam


Grom Ski
1 Shepard Aubry
2 Jack Sands
3 Evan Reljic

Grom Snowboard
1 Owen Reid
2 Jona Holden
3 Kosten Hebb

Open Ski
1 Bruce Oldham
2 Kyle Doughery
3 Elliot Black

Open Snowboard
1 Colton Eckert
2 Joel Dalacker
3 Jesse Jarrett

Open Snowboard Women
1 Laura Marzzinotto

Am Ski
1 Adrien Gagliardi
2 Graham MacDonald
3 Carter Beecroft

Am Snowboard
1 Liam Denny
2 Luke Landreth
3 Maddox Matte

Best Trick Snowboard: Tye Wilson

Best Trick Ski: Bruce Oldham

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