How To Keep The Whole Family Active Throughout The Winter

We all know the drill: the winds get cold, the snow begins to fall, the ice piles up. No one feels like going outside to get the mail, much less putting real effort into working out or staying active.

But winter is no excuse to treat your body poorly or deprive your family of priceless memories. In fact, staying active combats feelings of restlessness, anxiety and irritation that are common in the winter months. Here are our top suggestions for fighting back against winter weariness:

1.Take a winter hike

Dress in layers and set out for a truly unparalleled adventure through your local woods or park. Fill a waterproof container up with your favourite snack and a thermos full of tea or hot chocolate and enjoy beautiful sunlight, stunning quiet and a blanket of fresh white snow.

2.Go skiing and snowboarding

Winter sports are fun for the entire family. Plus, they’re a fantastic workout. Challenge yourself and test your limits at one of Canada’s many world-class ski resorts like Blue Mountain. For hands-on learning at their own pace, little winter warriors can sign up for Discover Skiing & Snowboarding: Newbie. For more information, visit Whether you’re lapping the trails until the chairs stop turning or enjoying the scenery with the kids, you’re guaranteed a winter for the books.

3.Have a snowball fight

Not much compares to a playfully competitive snowball fight after the first big snow of the season.

4.Shovel snow and make snow forts

Leave that snowblower in the garage and do some old-fashioned shoveling. Set the kids up with their own mini-shovels and assign everyone a task (the walk, the porch, one side of the driveway). Then use the newly-created piles to make snow forts!

5.Make snow angels

It’s a classic for a reason. This seemingly low-key activity is actually a hearty workout, and is sure to provide a few memorable family moments too. To find out how families across Canada stay active during the winter, snap a pic and share using the #WinterWarrior hashtag!

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