Innovating Tradition at Our Newest Mountaintop Après Spot

Venture away from the expected and find our new Off-Piste Pavilion at the top of Waterfall trail just off of the Southern Comfort Express. With stunning views of Southern Georgian Bay, take a break from the slopes for a drink or grab a bite to eat at the après-ski and experience delectable homemade meals and signature drinks. But don’t take it from us; scroll down to hear what the team at Off-Piste has to say about their mouthwatering menu, and why it’s a can’t-miss place to visit at Blue this winter season.

What makes dining at Off-Piste Pavilion so special?

There’s nothing quite like sitting slopeside on top of the Mountain taking in the breathtaking views with a hot beverage to keep you warm or a refreshing beer to chill out with. Our mouthwatering menu is designed by our chefs to satisfy your needs and keep you energized for a day full of activities. Each item is bursting with flavour and will leave you wanting more!

What can Guests expect when visiting Off-Piste for the first time?

You simply can’t miss the magical views, amazing hot food and array of hot drinks and liquor. When you walk in under the massive tents, you’ll notice our bar and kitchens towards the back. Head over there to place your order and then grab a seat under the tents for some shelter, or a table on the patio overlooking Waterfall trail for some sun and slopes action. Right next door to Off-Piste is our Woodview Mountaintop Skating Trail, which follows a 1.1km trail through beautiful terrain. Whether you’re on skis, skates, or just your own two feet, Off-Piste is an awesome choice to sit back and enjoy the day with your friends or family by your side.

What was the inspiration behind the unique menu?

Each of our hearty menu items are homemade with the signature Bread Pudding being our Chefs own recipe, and a favourite of the entire menu! It was created with the purpose of being able to satisfy each and every guest. We have a vegan Black Bean Curry and many gluten-free options available as well, such as our Moroccan Sweet Potato Sheppard’s Pie and our Southeast Asian Beef Stew (our mouth is watering just writing this!). And you can’t miss out on our signature drinks either! Our bar has an eye-catching menu to tempt every guest. We serve hot apple cider that you can pair up with a shot of fireball to really warm yourself up, as well as mulled wine, coffee and Kahlua, a shot ski for you and the squad, and a fan favourite: Bailey’s hot chocolate. We also offer a selection of ice-cold beers on draught and alcohol-free beverages and soft drinks.

Everything is swimming in flavour and culture, two things that make the menu so unique and tasty. It’s not always easy to make something that’s familiar but innovative since you’re constantly being compared to generations of tradition, or expert home chef family members with a coveted secret recipe. But a menu like this one is a reflection of our amazing diversity of staff and the Mountain’s mission of welcoming everyone. We are proud to execute such diversity in our own way at Off-Piste.

What is the team’s favourite meal on the menu?

The biggest hit on our menu is our Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Mac n’ Cheese. However, the Asian-Inspired Stew is definitely a tasty underdog. Another highlight off the drink menu is the ever-popular Fireball shot since it can heat you up on a cool day! Pair it with the hot apple cider to give a warm kick, or have it on a shot-ski with friends to share in the après spirit.

When is the best time to visit?

We are open every day 11:00AM – 5:00PM (weather permitting) so stop by the next time you hit the slopes! We also have tons of fun events that take place up there, including live music at Rock The Piste during March Break presented by Subaru, so always check the Events calendar on our website to find the best time to join the après partay.

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