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Is cabin fever making your kiddos a bit crazy? Finding ways to keep your kids busy in the winter, especially on PA days and weekends, and school nights… and every waking moment… but at Blue Mountain we have everything you’ll need to keep the kids occupied and active so they sleep like the angels they are.

Skiing and Snowboarding

It’s what we’re known for, but did you know that we offer full day camp programs throughout the entire winter? Drop your kids off in the morning and then pick them up at the end of a full outdoor day. We even feed them lunch! It’s like summer camp but cooler (literally).

Skiing and Snowboarding (Again)

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Why doesn’t my job offer PA Days?”, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for an excuse to play hooky with your kids and spend time together on the slopes, we’re offering a discounted midweek youth ticket to help make that quality time a little more enjoyable. $39 + tax exclusively online between Jan 24-Feb14, 2020.


If you’ve ever wanted to skate in what feels like a Disney movie – well the Woodview Mountaintop Skating trail is pretty much that. There is something magical about skating through the trees with breathtaking views of Georgian Bay and the snow-covered trails at Blue Mountain. When you’re up top, you’re truly transported to another world. Open 12pm-8pm mid week, and 12pm-9pm on weekends, conditions permitting.


One thing I have learnt as a “fun aunt” is that I do not have the stamina to keep up with the kids all day; so Hike N Tube is my best friend. The awesome thing about our tubing is that you really earn your runs. It is amazing how many times kids will hike themselves up a hill with the promise of zooming back down to the bottom in one of our Coca Cola tubes. This not only is big fun, but it burns big energy. For a “fun aunt” who enjoys nap time, this is a solid go-to.

Hike N Tube

Ridge Runner

You can’t visit Blue Mountain and not take a ride on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. It’s four seasons of fun and truly something to be experienced in the winter. Sliding through the evergreen forests at speeds up to 42km/h its an adrenaline rush that can’t be beat.

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

Swimming, outside…in the winter

Yes you read that right. Where else can you swim outside in a heated pool all winter long? Take a lap on the twisty slide, or channel your inner Tarzan with the rope swing. Either way, you’ll be right there with the kids not knowing who is having more fun.


For those of you who enjoy the occasional hike up Blue Mountain in our green season, you can still enjoy it in the winter season only with a cooler pair of shoes. We’re talking about snowshoes of course! The Grind is still available all winter long for you and your kids to scale. K’Bye is another fun snowshoe trail for those who want a little less incline, but just as much fun.

Take the worry out of winter with your kids and check out our website for more great ideas for chilly days with your family.

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