Life of a Local: Winter Hiking

Blue Mountain Resort is located in the The Town of the Blue Mountains with several surrounding communities. Living, working and playing in the area gives locals a wealth of insight into the hidden gems and special tips for those looking to explore the region. Our guest blogger, Kelly O’Neil, who was born and raised (and now raises her own little local) in the area, shares with us some insights into Life as a Local here in ski-town. Kelly’s first post in the the Life of a Local series shares some insights on how to enjoy the calming benefits of winter hiking.

Do you know that feeling within the first couple of steps from car to trail? When you can just start to escape from the clutter in your busy mind? When you remember the scent of what freshness actually is? You might hear a little running water but no other distractions…

Time to look inward and reset?

If you’re thinking about a hike on the Niagara Escarpment, you’ve arrived at the right place. Personally, I think hiking the Bruce Trail is where it’s at. Maybe you’re a resort guest looking for time to reconnect with your family or you’re a lucky local who can get out as often as possible. Near or far, we’re all fortunate to have access to this magnificent place.

For those who are visiting, I’d like to share a few insider insights as a local. I hope that you will consider and take the time to get out and enjoy the natural calm of the Bruce.

Talk to a local

stop someone on the street or ask a staff member in a Village establishment. See what trails they suggest hiking depending on what terrain you’re in the mood for and what you’re looking to see. Local intel is always helpful and you will be amazed at how many area residents make the trails part of their fitness routines!

Plan your route

Check out local access points to the Bruce online at

Pick up a local trail guide

At Activity Central in the Village or check out the online map

Pack a snack, lots of water and your winter layers

Forgot something at home? No stress! The North Face store is one of the newest additions to Blue’s Village shops and they have you covered. Hats, gloves, socks, under layers and the very best of technical outdoor garments.

When you know it’s time to slow it down my foremost advice to you is to get onto a trail. The Bruce is one of many options locally, including a variety of uphill trails on resort property that will be ready for you come spring. In the meantime, jump on the Escarpment and play!

“Simply put, play is whatever you are doing when you say to yourself, ‘yes, this is it, this is what I want to be doing…” – Edward M. Hallowell, Crazy Busy

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