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For some of us it has been over a year since you’ve sat in a restaurant for a nice meal. If you’re like me another home cooked meal has you ready to pull out your hair. Afterall, there are only so many ways to make chicken and potatoes. Lucky for you we are located between two amazing towns filled with outstanding local restaurant owners who would all love your support during this time. Our community is everything, so what better way to say Thank you than by ordering dinner one night this week.  

So what are your options? 

It’s a Pizza Party.  

I am sure all you can recite 967-11-11 call Pizza Pizza Hey Hey Hey! But when we are talking about Pizza it’s not that late night fast food you ordered during your college days. We are talking about some great gourmet options.  

  • Later Pizza – Not only does the pick up location, a retro phone booth, make you feel like you’re in Back to the Future but the quality of ingredients is outstanding. You can opt for classic Pepperoni, try some of their custom creations or build your own. You MUST try the Hot Honey Dip – it is a true game changer. 
Photo: Later Pizza
  • Bruce Wine Bar –  I think I have mentioned them before, but the wood fired pizzas from Bruce are some of my all time favourites. The crust is very light and airy. The Apple and Bacon pizza here is my go-to choice. Who would have though to put apple on a pizza? Not me, that’s for sure. You won’t be disappointed.  
  • Justin’s Oven – This is a hidden gem in the town of Kimberly. They have Pizza Fridays, because that is the perfect day for Pizza. The week is over and you are likely done with having to create yet another meal. Call up Justin’s oven for another 10/10 Pizza. Once again they are all made in a proper wooden stoked pizza oven. To avoid disappointment, order your pizzas on a Thursday before. I go for the Mama Mia, it matches a little heat with a little salt. A match made in heaven.  

Eastern Influences  – 

  • The Low Down – Where do we even begin? Let’s start with the custom cocktails. You can order to-go Cocktail Kits (some assembly required) The Rosemary G&T is what dreams are made of, OR you can order individual “adult juice boxes” where the perfect cocktail is already mixed to perfection.  

The Ramen – Another option to “drink” your calories. No? Ok that one was a stretch but this ramen is so fresh and delicious. They have options for all dietary options, carnivores, veggies or vegans will all be happy with this bowl of goodness here. While you’re at it you should probably get one of their Bao’s as well for good measure.  

  • Meaford Social – Who would have thought to get authentic butter chicken you’d have to go to Meaford, Ontario? Meaford Social is one of those best kept secrets. They have a long list of authentic Indian cuisine that allows you to dip your toes into spice, or cannon ball into the deep end of hot hot hot curries.  They’ve also got tacos, but I’ve only experienced the Indian cuisine, which did not disappoint.  

The Big Game –  

  • Jozos – Nothing beats watching the big game at the local bar with all your friends. Go Sports! Well since that can’t really happen in today’s climate, you can still order and bring the bar to you! Why not order up the Party Platter and a pound of wings? Do you miss draft beer? Well Jozo’s is serving up fresh growlers to bring the pints to your living room.  
  • Rustys at Blue – If shareables are the name of the game, Rustys is your offensive line. Pitmaster platter, Nachos, and Onion rings… oh my! Not only do they satisfy all carnivore needs, I’ve been told their Jackfruit Tacos and Vegan Poutine are next level.  
  • Kaytoo – One word, three syllables – PER-RO-GIES. Potatoes? Good. Cheese? Good. Deep Fried-ness? Good! Add some caramelized onions and some bacon and you’ve hit perfection.   

Some assembly required –  

  • Ravenna Country  Market – They’ve got everything you could possibly need. You can get fresh soups and sandwiches daily, but they’ve got a giant selection of premade meals. Soups, lasagnas, tourtieres, pot pies and more. Everything that can comfort you on these rainy days of spring. While you’re there, treat yourself to a butter tart or six.   
  • The Cheese Gallery – I believe it was Lizzo who sang, “ I like big cheese, itty bitty cheese, Mississippi cheese, inner city cheese, I like the pretty cheese with the bow ties. Get your spread did, let it air dry, I like a old cheese, I like a sharp cheese, I don’t discriminate, come and get a taste.” No? Maybe I changed it slightly. Well the cheese gallery has everything you could possibly need to make the best customized charcuterie for your tastes. You’ll get your cheeses, dried meats, red pepper jellies and a few extras to really take your board from basic to extra; after all, you deserve it! 

We’ve only skimmed the surface on local dining establishments that you can support. To find more dining resources check out  – ExploreBlue.ca or CollingwoodDowntown.ca   

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