Look Good. Feel Good. Hike Good

Move the body, still the mind – watch out Blue, it’s hiking time! Cool HIKINGS!

Summer at Blue Mountain is truly amazing and the Resort’s mantra of #LiveItOutside has me motiviated to get out and experience as much of the green season as I can.

ME Dolan – LITERALLY running a marathon and looking #FLAWLESS

My goal for this summer is to scale the mountain 3 times a week during my lunch – a feat that is currently a ritual habit of my leader – Marie Eve Dolan. In 40 minutes, she can run up and down the hill and return to her office looking picture perfect. It is not only impressive – but unrealistic for me (my frizzy hair will NEVER look that smooth).

When I decide to do something, I dive in headlong, cannon balling into the deep end of the pool. No toe testing for this girl! In order to do this right, I headed to The North Face store at Blue Mountain and got outfitted by the experts.


I was built with a naturally athletic physique, lol. My limbs are long, and my feet are flat! Footwear is always a hard option for me. I need something light (or else I will trip) that supports your foot, but without a MEGA prebuilt arch. Enter the Women’s Ultra Fastpack III GTX – They’re light and waterproof. And they have an extra cap on the toe and heel so if I step on some sharp rocks,  I won’t feel like I got stabbed. The bottom has a great grip – and for those early morning hikes (haha right?) they have some reflective materials, so I can be visible from a far!


I don’t think we have had a rain free week since the snow melted – so rain gear is a necessity for my summer hiking goals. I couldn’t decide on what to go with, so I picked up two items – the Dryzzle Jacket – a GORETEX Shell for those really wet days and the Printed Fanorak – a super light and thin windbreaker that will keep you dry on those days where it is aggressively misting. PLUS it packs up into a nice little fanny pack.

Since I am scaling the mountain 3 times a week, I require 3 shirts because I am NOT going to be doing laundry every other day. Even the thought of hiking up the hill makes me break a sweat so I knew I needed Flash Dry, which the North Face team advised me is Quick-Dry, moisture wicking fabric! I picked the Bottle Source T because $1 of every purchase is donated to the National Park Service. I also picked up the Workout Short Sleeved Shirt as it had the name work out in the title and it is the softest thing EVER. Lastly, I picked up the Ambition tank so I could show off my runners arms… and the name Ambition is exactly what I need for this goal.

If I ruled the world, I would decree that leggings/tights should be considered business casual. Naturally I was drawn to the Motivation High-Rise Pocket Tight. They are a high stretch compression fabric (keeps you feeling toight), high waisted (aka tummy eraser) and they have not one but two pockets that my giant phone can fit in.  I even made a choice to live life on the wild side and pick up a pair of shorts! Free the knees!!!! The Class V Short are super light weight, have good sized pockets, are UPF 50 (no burns) and have a super cute and flowery print that I just couldn’t pass up.

Going to need some serious sunscreen for the pale legs that will be shown off.

I am big on following the rules and live by the statement “Safety Never Takes A Day Off”. So, naturally I needed the Field bag. It is on the smaller side for packs but holds a ton of stuff – I can put my keys, a phone, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, band aids and a swiss army knife in there (YOU NEVER KNOW GUYS!!!) Plus, it’s pink – so it MUST be worn on Wednesdays


I also got two hats. The Low Pro Trucker Hat will be my standard “out for a hike and fun” activities hat, that goes with everything. And I picked up the Horizon Brimmer Hat for those days where the sun is relentless, and I need to protect my head, face, neck and shoulders.

They say “Look Good. Feel Good. Hike Good” so I have the first two parts down – now its time for the third. Today, shopping was my cardio – but check back next week to see how my first hike of the season goes!  #RiseAndGrind

Published by Melissa Kurtin

Resident Gryffindor of the Marketing Team, combines her passion for the outdoors with her love of rule following to help you get the most of your Blue Mountain experience