Pics or it Doesn’t Count

Did you really go on vacation if you don’t have fomo inducing photos to share on social? Blue Mountain is located just 90 min north of Toronto and is a picture poster’s dream!  

If you’re outdoorsy and up for an adventure, here are the best not-so-secret locations to snap the best “you wish you were here” photos. You can access all these locations with the handy pass or ticket.  

Rainbow Bridge:  

Nothing says that you’re full of love like a photo on the Rainbow Bridge on Casacade Hiking Trail. The bridge is painted in the Progress Pride Colours to show everyone that Blue Mountain is an inclusive space 365 days a year.  

Cascade Waterfall: 

The wise ladies of TLC once advised, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” Well, I am here to say, although a banging tune – IGNORE THIS! Waterfalls are where you can serve up some serious photo envy. Honestly, you can get some Fern Gully feels, or even Jurassic Park vibes from the Cascade Waterfall – buyer beware there is Poison Ivy so “do it for the gram” but stay on the trail. 

Apple Bowl Look Flats: 

This one takes a bit of dedication to get to. You either have to hike up the entire Apple Bowl Lookout Trail (flowy skirts, floppy hats, and espadrilles not recommended), or you can take the Gondola to the top of the mountain (serving looks of course), walk north along Route 66 to the top of the Apple Bowl Look Out Trail and then walk down a whole lot of the double wide trail to the top of Apple Bowl. It sounds complicated but this is one of the BEST lookout points on the entire mountain. If it is a clear day you can see across the entire Georgian Bay to the edge of the Muskokas.  

Coca-Cola Chairs: 

At the top of the mountain we have not one, not two, but three giant Muskoka chairs compliments of Coca Cola. They are outstanding for photo ops for a number of reasons. People love taking photos of comically oversized items, and they’re also located at some of the best lookout points to ensure you get Georgian Bay in your backdrop. 


This one is completely unique to Blue Mountain. You have a few options here, you can do the traditional Titanic inspired arm stretched out selfie with the Bay in the background, or you can just get a beautiful panoramic shot of the landscape, or you can stand at the top of the mountain and have the Gondola carts in as your background. Either way you won’t be disappointed when you look back on your photos. 

Blue Sign: 
This one may seem obvious but it’s one of our most photographed spots for a reason. There are fun cut outs in the letters to pose in, and nothing says “Living Our Best Life” better than a staged photo at a location sign that probably took 5-10 takes to get right. 

Georgian Bay Way aka Mill Pond Boardwalk 

Georgian Bay Way, otherwise known as the Mill Pond Boardwalk, is located in front of Westin Trillium House and wraps around the Mill Pond. It’s filled with bulrushes, benches and gives you a real feel for nature. The Blue Mountain Village often decorates this strolling path with photo-worthy installations that takes your pics from glamour shots at the mall to working it like a queen. Extra points if you go at night, and get the mood lighting.  

Village photo frame: 

The Village photo frame can usually be found in and around the Village plaza. It makes for the perfect family photo for the Family Trip photo dump or to serve some “everyday realness”.  

Any Village Patio: 

There are patios-a-plenty in the Village and each one offers stellar backdrops. Whether you’re having a pint next to the Mill Pond, or staging the perfect entre at the bottom of the Mountain, you’ll have a full menu of options for that food-themed, FOMO-inducing reel.

Summitview Pavilion

If you’re looking for that moody romantic sunset photo there is no better place than the Summitview Pavilion. Enjoy a charcuterie board and a glass of wine and watch the sunset over Georgian Bay. You will need an Explore All Day Pass, or Play All Day Pass to get on and off the Gondola, as the Summitview Pavilion is on the top of Blue Mountain.  


Did someone say interative light installtions, in the dark of night, in the middle of the forest? Yes you read that right. At the top of Blue Mountain and open from the end of summer into the fall is AGORA: Path of Light. Based on the elements of the nature, AGORA asks you to speak to the forest in the language of light and has some of the most inspirational photo installations around.  

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