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Author: Rachel Sklar
The summer season is in full effect on the mountain. Everything is in full swing from the Timber Challenge, Woodlot Low Ropes, Mountain Segway tours, putting course to an incredible array of delicious food in the Village.

The summer trails are a whirlwind of trails that have been solely allocated to hikers for 2020. This year is the perfect chance to take a morning, afternoon or evening hike or run through the trail network. The trail map can be a bit overwhelming at first glance. Don’t worry, I have you covered. Below are some various distances and difficulties that you can do at any time of the day. Whether you are out for a quick hike or you plan to spend the days on the trails, here are some suggestions for routes that will promise beautiful views and a great workout.

The Breakfast Hike/Run

Distances 5 – 8 km
Distance 5km
Difficulty: Beginner
Elevation 209 m+

  1. Start P2
  2. Walk towards Activity Center, Adventure park and ground school.
  3. Hike up Village way to Bruce Trail
  4. Head South on Bruce trail towards Gondola
  5. Head a few steps past the Gondola to hit Sticks and Stones
  6. Continue on to Memory lane
  7. Hang a left and head back up towards the gondola.
  8. Head North to Apple Bowl lookout
  9. You will come to a lookout spot to take photos and continue down Happy Valley

Distance: 7.5km
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Elevation: 215 m +

  1. Start P4
  2. Enter Humpys Haul and follow signs that lead up to Gondola
  3. Head south on Bruce trail towards The Groove. Descend mountain
  4. Continue on Pathway to Village towards Activity Central
  5. Proceed onto to Happy Valley (behind Activity center).
  6. When you arrive at the fork of the trail, connect back on to Humpys Haul
  7. Descend back to car

The Lunch Hike/Run

Distance 10-12km
Distance 12km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation: 315 m+

  1. Start P2
  2. Walk towards “Pathway to village or Gord canning road”
  3. Hike up The Grind
  4. Connect with Mission Hill side road (Bruce trail – White blazers)
  5. Follow bruce trail North until you reach Cagey
  6. Follow the blazers for Cagey and Cagey Extension
  7. Return back to bruce trail going south to The Groove
  8. Head down the mountain until you reach Gord Canning Road
  9. Return to Village/Car

Distance 10km
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Elevation: 640 m+

  1. Start at the top of the Mountain, by Woodview Mountaintop Skating.
  2. Head South towards “Ebb and Flow” and proceed down the mountain
  3. Head North on Gord Canning
  4. Enter Enchanted Forest Loop
  5. After exiting Enchanted Forest, head North towards Cascade
  6. Hike up Cascade, turn right towards The Groove
  7. Down down The Groove to Gord Canning road
  8. Head towards Village Way and hike up
  9. Connect to bruce trail to return to car

The Dinner Hike/Run

Distance: 15km
Distance: 15km
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Elevation: 380 m+

  1. Start P1
  2. Up the Grind to Woodview Loop
  3. Exit to bruce trail towards North End
  4. Enter on to cagey and exit back on to Bruce Trial
  5. Head towards Apple bowl lookout and head down mountain
  6. Proceed to Gord Canning road back to P1
  7. Finish with Apple Turnover

The Leg Crusher Supreme

Distance: 19Km
Distance: 19km
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Elevation: 801 m+

  1. Park/Start P2
  2. Head towards Jozo Weider Blvd, turn left onto Grey Road 19 to P3.
  3. Connect on to 1940 and head upwards
  4. Connect onto cagey and make a left towards Bruce Trail
  5. Head towards Apple Bowl Lookout
  6. Head down the mountain on Happy Valley.
  7. Once on the bottom, head south on Gord Canning Blvd to the Grind
  8. Hike up the grind, immediately turn right and down Ebb and Flow
  9. Head north on Gord Canning to Cascade. Hike up Cascade
  10. Immediately turn right and head down The Groove
  11. Head North towards Village way and proceed upwards to Village way
  12. Follow bruce trail to Stick and Stones/Memory Lane
  13. Head North on bruce trail towards Apple Bowl Lookout to Humpys Haul
  14. Return to Parking

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