Top 5 Reasons to Love Spring Skiing and Riding

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you can finally head out to the ski hill without mitt warmers or a balaclava. The mercury is rising and spring skiing and riding is in the forecast! As with the end of any season, the coming of spring is bittersweet: we are excited for the promise of riding our bikes and lacing up our running shoes but mourn the inevitable end to our time on snow. Rather than sulk about another winter passing us by, let’s see the season off with a bang by enjoying these top five reasons to love hitting the hills in the spring.

1. The Sunshine

That warm, bright sunshine is great for skiing and riding. Even if the temps are still lingering below zero, having the sun on your face can make a day outside much more inviting. Not only is the visibility better (and lasts longer thanks to daylight savings!) but you can thank those blue bird skies for some much needed vitamin D. Another plus, exposure to sunlight has been linked to increased levels of serotonin, which means you and the people around you will be generally happier

2. Short Lift Lines and Wide-Open Runs

Even though there is some winter left, the number of people on the slopes tends to taper in the spring season. Some may be eager to trade in the ski hills for golf greens but Winter Warriors who don’t pack up their gear until the lifts close can take advantage of wide-open runs and next to no lift lines.

3. Hero Snow

Early spring conditions often result in what we like to call “hero snow” – a hard-packed base of snow with softer cover on top. This type of snow is great for making good turns and makes anyone (even Gorbies) feel like they can carve like a hero. Note: This type of snow can also result in soggy snow pants but that just means you can move on to reason number four…

4. Après on the Patio

Nothing compliments a great day on the hill quite like an après outside in the sun. Being able to relax with a beverage on an outdoor patio is spring skiing’s version of lounging on the dock in a Muskoka chair. Along with the enjoyable refreshments, the people watching during patio season is always a treat. Spring weather seems to bring out the funky hats and goofy outfits both on and off the hill. When the winter layers start peeling off and the goggle tans are being sported proudly, après on the patio is always an entertaining way to finish off the day.

5. The Discounts!

Who doesn’t love a deal? It’s no secret that spring is the best time to get great prices on lift tickets and next year’s passes. Enjoy the season right to the end and you can take advantage of some of the best pricing all year.

So before you put away your boots and snowsuit, remember there is still a lot of winter to enjoy. Carve up a run that feels like your own, put on your funky hat, find the perfect après spot, and embrace the end of another winter season. If that’s not enough to keep you keen on still seeing snow, remember: six months from now, we’ll be wishing it was colder!

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