Top 5 Ways To Enjoy A Canadian Winter

Some things are a perfect match: marshmallows and hot chocolate, fresh snow and snowmen, mittens and scarves. When it comes to proud Canadians, their perfect match is a sparkly white winter.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable day out in the elements, an intimate soiree indoors or a little something in-between, here are the top 5 activities for Canadians across the country:

1. Skating

A Canadian winter wouldn’t be complete without a romantic skating rendezvous or a family night out at a glistening ice rink. Whether you’re cocooned in the warmth of an indoor rink or blanketed by a crisp winter sky, ice skating is a classic Canadian winter pastime, and one that never disappoints. Pack along a thermos of hot chocolate and spend a wintry afternoon in style!

2. Skiing and Snowboarding

Polar vortex, schmolar vortex: skiing is a foolproof way to take in the country’s spectacular ice-draped forests and snow-covered slopes.. Canadians aren’t afraid of a little cold, and the classic Great White North experience requires just three ingredients: a mountain of snow, great cold weather gear and an adventurous spirit. Challenge yourself at a world-class resort like Blue Mountain, where Winter Warriors can conquer 42 day trails and 30 night trails – the most in Ontario. Visit for more information.

3. Winter markets

Enjoy icewine, artisan crafts, homemade treats and much more at one of the many picturesque, winter-themed markets hosted across the country.

4. Snowmobiling

For those seeking an extreme winter challenge, try your hand at snowmobiling. Explore pristine snow-covered backcountry as only the brave can.

5. Delicious treats

There’s no better time to expand your baking repertoire than during a deep freeze. Invite close friends over for delectable hot toddies, satisfying winter stew or lip-smacking sugar cookies for a quintessential Canadian winter memory.

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