Weather the Rights and Wrongs of the Forecast

It seems to happen every year, right around the beginning of autumn. Long range winter weather forecasts are sent out to the masses leaving everyone wondering whether or not the meteorologists have gotten it right this time.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, a few winter weather predictions have already come across the airwaves. Perhaps the one that’s received the most traction comes from the 2014/15 Farmer’s Almanac. A little spoiler alert: if you’re a skier or snowboarder, this forecast is awesome! Here are a few quotes taken straight from the headlines:

’T-Rex’ of Winters in Store for Canada – CTV News

Central Canada Winter Weather Forecast is Misery Incarnate – Huffington Post Canada

‘Farmers’ Predict Super-cold Winter – The Harlan Daily Enterprise

Enjoy Fall, but Brace for Winter –

The weather forecast has become a hot-button topic in news media, especially since the seemingly never-ending winter of 2014. Last season set record after record for cold temperatures and snow fall and introduced the world to the latest weather buzzword: polar vortex. Around Blue Mountain, white outs and spontaneous snowstorms sparked many road closures while the extreme sub-zero temperatures kept a lot of people housebound. Winter 2014 did come with one tremendous upside, though. Skiers and snowboarders experienced the best on-hill conditions in the last five, maybe even ten, years. There’s no doubt about it, 2013/14 season was ideal for alpine enthusiasts.

Interestingly, The Farmer’s Almanac forecasted last season with great accuracy as well. In the Fall of 2013, the Almanac stated that “winter is shaping up to be a rough one…sweaters and snow shovels should be unpacked early and kept close by throughout the season.” With the benefit of hindsight, I think we can all agree that the Almanac was bang on. So, will this year’s Almanac have the same accuracy? With 223 years of forecasting experience and an 80% success rate, it seems likely that the “T-Rex of Winters” is indeed coming. As Almanac editor Jack Burnett says “it’s going to be colder, it’s going to be snowier…from Calgary to Quebec, we’re going to be up to our neck.” We can already hear skiers and snowboarders celebrating!

Sure, you can opt to take this forecast with a grain of driveway salt or you can choose to celebrate it with the hope that the Almanac proves accurate once again. Embrace your inner Winter Warrior! Don’t let a little wind chill, snowfall or cold temperatures stop you from enjoying what may be Canada’s signature season. And, certainly don’t hesitate to get out on the slopes and experience the best snow conditions possible care of Mother Nature. In fact, we’ll make it easy for you with a Season Pass, available at Early Bird Rates until November 1st. We also know that Winter Warriors tend to travel in packs which is why we’re rewarding those who opt to celebrate the season with a Warrior-Sized Winter Contest where one lucky individual will win $5000 in prizes including 4 Super Passes, 3 two-night stays and a $1000 Blue Mountain Gift Card. Seems like reason enough to celebrate to us!

So, whether you throw all your hopes behind the 2014/15 Farmer’s Almanac or pray to the snow god Ullr, keep your fingers crossed that the forecast proves true. We love it when a good winter record is broken.

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