Why We Miss Winter

Southern Ontario is experiencing a heat wave which seems about right at this peak time of summer. And while we layer on the sunscreen for the third time today and try to look cool with sweat dripping from our foreheads, it’s hard not to get nostalgic about winter. Here are the top 10 reasons we’re missing winter this summer.

1. Summer Bod vs. Snowsuit Bod

We all feel the pressure to get back into shape as the threat of summer fashion draws closer. The guilt-laden indulgences aren’t nearly as prevalent in colder months when we all know its best to layer up (both literally and metaphorically) to keep warm from the cold. Winter means enjoying that holiday treat (in October…) with the security of knowing it’ll all look the same in the snowsuit.

2. A Little Less Light

A lot of people do have a sense of sadness when there is less UV through the day, but let’s not forget that fewer hours of daylight also means the sun isn’t blazing through the windows at 5AM. This means we can all feel a little less guilty about hitting the snooze button a few more times. It’s still dark out! Must mean I should keep sleeping… Also, with less sunshine and more layers of clothing on, the threat of sunburn is next to nil. What you save on sunscreen purchases you can keep in the wallet for apres.

3. Powder Days

‘Nuff said.

4. Chairlift Meetups

For some, ski friends are seasonal friends or at least the chairlift chats are and it can be up to three seasons before you’re able to catch up with those friends on the Silver Bullet or run into them at the baselodge.

5. Household Stuff is Easier

Miss garbage day? Not a problem. Unlike in the heat of summer, leaving your garbage in the garage in winter time will not result in a stinky, rotting, bag of “I wish I’d marked the calendar”. And most people with gardens or a lawn are sick and tired of watering or watching all their greenery go brown thanks to the dry temps. Another household perk to winter – you don’t get the sun through the windows as much through day which means those little dust bunnies hiding under tabes and on staircases stay out of sight and out of mind. Happiness.

6. Warm Drinks and Getting Warm by the Fire

These are both things you technically could enjoy in the summer time but it just isn’t the same as it is in the winter. Coming into the base lodge after a few runs is always that much more rewarding when you’ve been out in the crisp, cold air for a while. On the note of enjoying warmth because of being in the cold, let’s just take a moment to remember how great it is to not be sweating… all the time.

7. Binge Watching with Comfort Food

Spending a Saturday night inside crushing a full season of Friends with all the warm and cheesey comfort foods is a completely acceptable way to spend a night on the weekend.

8. Sweaters, Scarves and Socks

Cold weather fashion, be it a big wooly scarf or comfy flannel pjs, are just more inviting than the minimal layers of summer. Although sometimes tedious, bundling up in a big ol’ sweater and pulling on the fuzzy socks is like wearing a hug all day.

9. Hat Hair

The dryer winter temperatures are often times more forgiving than the humid days of summer but what also makes the season hair-friendly is the general acceptance of hat hair. Around here, it is completely acceptable to sport helmet hair around the office or even a toque itself. Tis the season!

10. First Tracks and Corduroy

If you do crawl out of a warm bed and make it to the hill for first tracks, there’s an almost majestic experience in riding the lift and taking a moment to scan the snow-covered horizon. Follow that up with carving on corduroy and you have a winter experience you’ll be craving for all summer long.

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