Working to Deadlines: Why You’re Not the Only One Putting Off Buying Your 2018 Season Pass

Even though we know ski season comes every year and it is no secret that the best deal on a season pass is before the current ski season even ends, many will still wait until the very last day of the pass sales (and sometimes the very last minute) to get their pass. Our team has done some research* and discovered the following top 5 reasons why so many passholders are waiting until the deadline to get their pass.

*Full disclosure, contributors to this post are not at all qualified to conduct any form of psychological nor sociological research. The word research has been used very loosely here and any of the “findings” below are not peer-reviewed nor should it be credited as a source in any further documents on consumer patterns or procrastination at-large.

1. Because you’re over winter

We get it; a lot of skiers and snowboarders are ready to call it quits on winter or aren’t ready to think about the white stuff any more. Hey! We love summer too but we do know that winter will come, just as it comes every year. And when that snow does fall once again, you’re not going to want to spend time lining up to get your pass when you could be carving on corduroy.

2. Because you’re keeping the money in the bank

Well here’s a flawed theory. Sure, in most cases, the longer you keep the money in the bank, the more opportunity you have to invest it and see it grow… but if sitting on it means you’ll have to spend more of it later, then what good is holding off? As a committed winter warrior who would rather spend the season having fun on the slopes than sitting inside counting your pennies, take advantage of the savings and get your pass while you get the best discount!

3. Because you’re hoping the sales get better closer to winter

Nope. That’s not how it works.

4. Because you’re still not sure what pass you want to get

Picking the best pass can be confusing. When you add lodging options or snow school lessons into the mix, it can be really tempting to just push the whole decision making process aside and hope it sorts itself out later. Take a deep breath and browse our Pass Comparison chart to help you decide which pass is the best fit for you. Still feeling a little unsure? Give us a call at 1-877-445-0231. Our team members are pros at pairing guests with their perfect pass.

5. Because you put it off, and put it off and just plumb forgot

Lucky you! Consider this your friendly reminder and why not make sure to sign up for our e-newsletters to get the earliest notice on season pass deals for next year? All the reminders and no more excuses!

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