Everyday is a Good Day On Hill for Kevin & Andrea

They say communication and trust are key to a successful marriage, but in the case of Andrea Bulter and Kevin Nash, it’s having your skis ready at the front door and knowing that on a Pow day, it’s everyone for themselves. Kevin and Andrea are long time alpine enthusiasts and when not running the Ski Movie Night in Collingwood are always slopeside, whether it with skis on their feet or steins in their hands.

Tell us about your best day on hill?

KN: Skiing with good friends on great grooming (corduroy), sharing hugs and ‘high fives’ from Ron the Silver Bullet Chief Liftie, beer steins at the Bull Wheel, doing laps under the chair on Tranquility (in honor of Andrea’s Dad Gerry Baker;  his favorite track.) 

Who do you call on a pow/bluebird day?

AB: “No one!!” No friends on a powder day! LOL. 
KN: On a Blue Bird weekday I call the office to tell them about my ill health, and then I call my wife – Andrea retains the joy of a little kid when we’re on snow.      

What’s your recipe for a great day at Blue?

KN: Skiing North to South, and back. Stein Club at the Bullwheel. 
AB: ‘Wave to my Dad at the Memory Garden, on my way down his favorite run.’ 

Tell me about your ski routine

KN: Andrea yells at me to ‘get out of bed!’ No, not really.  We park at the Collingwood Ski Club CSC – the most exclusive ski club on the Niagara Escarpment. 😊 We start at the north for some ‘warm up laps’ on Spec’. “Steeps please to wake up my knees please.” From there we go to Central and ski Andrea’s Dad, Gerry Baker’s favorite run under the Tranquility Chair.  At Silver Bullet we play it by ear whether to stay or move on.  As our friend Dirk Sell says, “Never leave a quiet chair…” In the lift lines I like to show my age by yelling “Single?!”  Sometimes I carry pockets full of Hershey Kisses to give to the Lifties.  To finish we come back to the North, and chase each other down the sides of Rabbit’s Run and Starting Gate while the coaches give us death stares.

Share some memories of learning to ski/ride

AB: I was lucky. Ernie McCullough giving me ‘heck’ for spring skiing wearing shorts. Jozo Weider dishing out Gluewein at the Sugar Shack, and Jozo skiing down O-Hill playing the accordion.

KN: I was spoiled. Our family tried skiing at Snow Valley on Boxing Day when I was 14 year old. We liked it. So we rented a chalet for the season at Snow Valley.   I skied Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays, every weekend all of my first winter on skis. Then for a two week March Break,  we had a ‘double header’ – one week in Aspen Highlands followed by one week at Mt. Tremblant. So by the end of my first season I could make parallel turns.   😊  

Finish this sentence: Everyday is a good day when…
AB: I wake up and get to go skiing.  
KN: You have cold beer and rosy cheeks at Après.

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