Everyday is a Good Day On Hill for Neil

There comes a time in your life when you transition from everyday is for me, to everyday is for the family and if you’re smart like Neil, family days will be spent on hill. Sharing your passion with your kids can ensure a life long family tradition of catching first chair, getting out every weekend (even ones you’d likely miss on your own) and always having “friends” on pow days. Be like Neil and join the Rad Dad and Bomb Mom club.

Sorry Neil – we may have just broken the first and only rule of the Rad Dad Club, by outing you as a member. The first rule of The Rad Dads club is, don’t talk about The Rad Dads!

Tell us about your best day on hill?

Every day on the hill is fantastic. Sharing life skills by way of skiing/snowboarding with the Girls is simply the best. They don’t even know what they know.

Who do you call on a blue bird/pow day?

All the Rad Dads get a quick-text to meet up for a shred on a pow day, usually racing over to the North to snag that first chair. Blue Bird days don’t come around enough, but wow they can really lift your spirits through the short winter grey days when they do happen.

What is your recipe for a great day on hill?

It’s simple; Tree Juice – also known as Maple Syrup. Smother it all over some French Toast and you’re energized for hours. Be sure to put some snacks in your pockets for chair lift rides and visit the Chalet for a Hot Chocolate to warm things up.

What is your ski day routine

It starts the night before, loading the hard goods into the Thule roof top box.
Wake up before everyone and take care of the basic life chores around the house. Lay out all the equipment and whip up some breakfast – making noise that wakes everyone up. Then, grab your gear and head to the hill. A couple jumping jacks to warm up after booting up in the parking lot before hitting the chairlift. The Girls love starting their day in the Orchard, following that with trying to hit every chair lift before taking our first break. The day usually winds down after lunch in the middle of the afternoon, then we head home for a hot shower, early dinner and a movie. Sleep, then repeat!

Tell me about how you got started on hill?

My British parents gave my brother and I the choice to play Hockey or go Skiing. At that point, for some reason we had already been on a family holiday to Whistler and the choice was obvious, even at 4 years old – Skiing!
After we out performed our parents, we traveled with Snowhawks every weekend when we lived in Toronto. The rest is history… Skiing turned to Snowboarding in the early 90’s and now I share my passion with my family, skiing/snowboarding every weekend and sometimes mid-week when the schedule permits. Nights on the hill are a riot!

Finish the sentence: Everyday is a good day when spent living life outside at Blue Mountain

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