Everyday is a Good Day On Hill for Rowyn

Start them young! That is a true statement for Rowyn. While most parents are the ones who suggest to the little ones in their life that they should try skiing, Rowyn was the one who was bugging Mom and Dad. Born with the need for speed, Rowyn can be found lapping Big Baby and the Enchanted Forest after Kindergarten. Not only does she speed down the hill, but she dances and sings as she goes

Rowyn McMillan, 5 and skiing at Blue since I was 3 years old 

Tell us about your best day on hill?

My favourite day on the hill was when I was good enough to go on the big hill (Big Baby) for the first time. 

Who do you call on a blue bird/pow day?

I always ask my Mom if we can go skiing when it looks nice out. 

What is your recipe for a great day on hill?

When I get to go down as many times as I want!

What is your ski day routine?

I put on warm clothes then get on my coat, snow pants, ski boots, mitts and helmet then go in the the truck to get to Blue Mountain. Go up the chair lift and ski down as fast as possible!! 

Tell me about how you got started on hill?

I told my mom and dad I reallyyyy wanted to go skiing when I was three. So my mom took me on the little hill and magic carpet. 

Finish the sentence: Everyday is a good day when I get to go skiing!!! 

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