Everyday is a Good Day On Hill for Tye

Tye Wilson is one of those kids that you automatically take a liking too. For almost a decade his positive attitude and great outlook on life have made him a favourite across the terrain park world. Most of the time Tye can be found in The Badlands Terrain Park, not only throwing some stylish tricks – but earning his paycheque shaping take offs and keeping the park safe. Afterall safety, style and fun go hand in hand…in hand?

Tell us about your best day on hill? 

That Is a very difficult question to answer because I’ve had so many incredible days at Blue! But one morning I remember waking up to a beautifully sunny powder day, not a cloud in the sky.  My friend and I managed to catch the first chair up and and rode the entire day all the way until the mountain closed.  Needless to say I slept extremely well that nigh!

Who do you call on a blue bird/pow day? 

Luckily all my friends are as eager to ride as I am so most days I don’t have to call anyone because they’re already at the mountain!

What is your recipe for a great day on hill? 

First of all, music is key!  so I grab my headphones, pack a full lunch , and have a list of tricks in my head that I want to learn for that day in the Badlands Terrain park!

What is your ski day routine?

My ski day routine  consists of a bacon and egg breakfast, a coffee,  a quick stretch and out the door for those fresh cords!

Tell me about how you got started on hill?

When I was five my parents bought me a little plastic snowboard for Christmas. It had no bindings and it had a little string that you hold onto to Steer. I would take that board out every opportunity I got. The next Christmas my parents got me my first real snowboard and I begged them to take me to my local hill at the time,  Glen Eden in Milton.  All I wanted to do was go through the terrain park because that’s where all the cool older kids were riding. My first lap through I dislocated my shoulder on a box and my dad quickly rushed over and popped it back in. I immediately got up and wanted to try again. Ever since then I’ve been in love with the sport!

Finish the sentence: Everyday is a good day when…The lifts are turning and the sun is shining

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