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How to Escape the Summer Heat at Blue Mountain

Summer is here and the thermometer is rising. This is the weather you dreamt of on the coldest winter days, and now that it’s here it’s time to make the most of this toasty weather. Learn about all the best ways to escape the city heat at Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Beach

Nothing says summer like spending the day shore-side with your feet in the sand. A day at the Blue Mountain Beach is the perfect way to escape the heat, while making the most of the beautiful summer weather.  You can work up a sweat on our beach volleyball courts, then wade in to cool off in the refreshing waters of Georgian Bay.

Plunge! Aquatic Centre

At Blue Mountain you can cool down without ever leaving the village. The slope side pools and slides at Plunge are the perfect place to cool down while still enjoying the mountain views.

Paddle On The Millpond

Located right in the heart of our pedestrian village, the Millpond is just steps away if you need a break from the heat. It’s a great activity before or after enjoying lunch at one of the restaurants on its shores.

Open Air Gondola

Enjoy some amazing views, and sweet relief from the heat with a breezy ride on the Open Air Gondola. At the top you cool down while savouring the views and enjoying activities at the summit.


In the heart of the village you can find an oasis for a quick cool down.  The Village Fountain And Splash Pad is perfect place to cool off between activities or shopping. Your kids will get wet enough to cool down, but don’t need a bathing suit to join in the fun.

Grab a Mountainside Scoop

Take a break in the air-conditioned seating area or enjoy a spot in the shade at Grand Central Lodge, located right at the base of Blue Mountain. It’s the perfect spot to snag a scoop of ice cream or enjoy a bevvie on the licensed patio.