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My Employee Adventure Month

Here at Blue, we like to promote a #LiveItOutside lifestyle. We have ropes, rocks, goats and greens. We have anything and everything in between. With so many cool things to do on Resort, where would one even begin?! We know – Employee Adventure Month!

In addition to the discounts employees are already provided* we offer a “Privilege Pass” during the month of June for Employee Adventure Month. This Pass allows staff to try different attractions, food deals and more (one time each) at NO CHARGE. Great right!? We thought so too! In addition to the great BMR deals as well, we were also provided with a Village specific pass. Think of all the possibilities!

Now, let’s cut the chitchat and see what I got up to!

Ridge Runner!!!

First stop on my list was none other than the Ridge Runner. While I have enjoyed a lap or two prior to Adventure Month, I was beyond excited to go for a ride on a beautiful sunny day.

Quick snap of the scenery before barrelling down full speed ahead

No matter how many times I have tried the Ridge Runner, I always get the exciting butterflies in my stomach while riding up to the top. It was a great way to break up the work day and be emerged in nature for a while. Once at the top, however, the calmness had passed and the butterflies were back to stay. It was a long way down to be screaming with excitement, and I was definitely ready for a cool beverage after finishing.

Strawberry Acai Refresher – Yum!

Starbucks Break!

Staff were given a free Tall “Refresher” to enjoy. With so many flavour options it made choosing difficult. I opted for the Strawberry Acai, and was not disappointed. Now, I am normally a “Cold Brew, Cold Foam” kind of Starbucks gal, but the chance to try a new beverage was a great way to add a new fav to my repertoire.

Time for a Timber Challenge!

Cheesin’ in the stylish helmet and gear – ready to rock this thing!

Now, luckily I don’t really have a fear of heights. I mean, I wouldn’t normally subject myself to being suspended in a tree for a lengthy adventure, but when at Blue…right?!

I’ve tried the Low Ropes Course that we offer here in the past, so this time I decided to take it to the next level. After we got geared up at Base Camp, we made the trek to the Timber entrance!

Tucked away in trees are the various courses this Timber Challenge offers. There are “Green, Blue and Black” runs that you can try out, based on your level of comfort and ability. We took our time with a Green initially, and feeling good about moving on, went on to a Blue. There were challenging obstacles along the way, but working at a self-guided pace helped keep us motivated to continue.

Next up…Bag Jump!

View of the 3rd and 4th levels…looking a little more intimidating this close!

Okay – I have wanted to try the bag jump for quite some time now. After my adrenaline from the Timber Challenge stabilized, we made our way over to the Apex Bag Jump. From a distance, it looks easy enough, right?

Before jumping off the higher platforms, we needed to ensure our form was appropriate on the starter level. Even as a starter, this thing was pretty high up!

We gradually made or way up to the top before I chickened out. I know, I know… But on the plus side, I got to watch a dismount from ground level instead (so that was pretty cool).

Well, that’s a wrap!

Chutes & Lumbers!

Throughout the course of the month, I had the chance to try some other cool things as well. I had some cheap lunch in the Village, tested out the new Chutes & Lumbers track, tackled the Mini Putt Course and enjoyed some tasty BMR treats.

While I didn’t get the chance to try everything on my Pass, I definitely made a good dent! I’m already planning my “To Do” list for this Summer of things I want to repeat or try for the first time.

Until next time, #EmployeeAdventureMonth!

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*Please see staff discount schedule on InfoBlue for breakdown of perks and privileges. If you have any questions about what you see, please contact HR at or ext. 51420

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