Team Blue

The One Where Blue Got Spooky

Fall at Blue is great. The leaves change, the air gets crisp, and all signs start to point to Winter. Before we get too ahead of ourselves though, we must first… get a little spooky.

We take Halloween very seriously here. We love Halloween so much in fact, that we cover all the bases of chills and thrills. Everything from Roller Coasters, to Haunted Houses, Costume Contests, Pumpkin Carvings and Office Décor, you name it – Blue does it.  

Don’t believe us? Continue reading…if you dare…

Those looking for a good thrill (or 7 hours worth of screams) participated in the annual Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt Bus Trip. For only $30, you received a round trip bus ride to Wonderland and entrance to the park. Seriously – what a steal! There were Haunted Houses spread throughout the park for the brave of heart. Everything from Sci-Fi Mad Houses, to Ancient Ruins and Pitch Black basements – you name it, they had it.

Waiting anxiously for the scares to begin!

Employees were given free reign to make their own adventure at the Park. With every path, corner and route bringing on new characters to generate the screams, it was a night to remember. For those brave enough to get past the zombies and make it to the rides, that was an entirely new thrill of its own. Let’s just say, it was a quiet bus ride home after a long night of screams.

Halloween Day on Resort

Setting the scene for an eerie adventure, Halloween day brought us a little rain and cloudy skies, but who says a little bad weather stops us from having fun?

The Marketing Team nailed their impression of Rob Sheridan – Can you spot the real one?!

We embarked on our journey to find the most charismatic of costumes, the most eccentric ideas and really, the teams that had the most fun playing around.

Departments were able to enter Halloween categories of:

  • Costume
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Office Décor

Last year brought fierce competition, so the overall scores in each category were not taken lightly. Employees across Resort embodied the spirit of Halloween, working together to create a memorable experience.

Pumpkin’s Finest…

On brand this year, IT created an Our Mountain Will Move You inspired pumpkin. Even the details of the Mountain on the back were a well thought out work of art that deserved gold (or orange, in this case).

It wasn’t an easy decision though…let’s take a look at the other Department’s Pumpkin creations!

Next Up…Costumes!

We love a little creativity. This year’s winner not only had extreme attention to detail, but also included a little special effects. Recreation Services, starring in “Portable Things” was an 11/10 (see what I did there?).

Honorable Mentions to the rest of the decked out employees…

Last but not least, Office Décor!

This was a tough call to say the least. With Housekeeping’s infamous Haunted House, it was “tricky” to determine a winner in this category. With that being said, who doesn’t love winning a little Mario Cart Circuit? The Sales team pulled out all the stops, bananas and obstacles this year to take home the crown.

This was not an easy decision, just check out the other Spooktacular work spaces entered this year!

That’s a Wrap!

There were laughs, screams and scares to be had throughout the day. Participation this year was something to be proud of, and we hope everyone enjoyed their day just as much as we did. If you didn’t get the chance to show us your spooky this year, remember to get involved next time around! Reach out to HR for details or check out communications through the Blue Buzz, Info Blue or Communication Boards.

Serving cat lady energy, Allie’s the go-to for all things content and social at Blue. You may find her on the Mountain boppin’ around to T-Swift, or scrolling TikTok in Starbucks searching for bad memes (or as she calls it, “market research”).