How to Escape the Summer Heat at Blue Mountain

Summer is here and the thermometer is rising. This is the weather you dreamt of on the coldest winter days, and now that it’s here it’s time to make the most of this toasty weather. Learn about all the best ways to escape the city heat at Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Beach Nothing says summer [...]

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Rain Day Plan

@blankaandjorge #Ontario #bluemountain #bluemountainresort #longweekend #canada #canada150 #love #rain #umbrella #travel   You’ve spent hours planning and you’ve been counting down the days to your Blue Mountain getaway, you check out the weather and see showers in the forecast. Not to fear! We stand by our mantra to live life outside – no matter what [...]

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Waiting on the Weather

It looks like Mother Nature and Old Man Winter aren't quite on the same page at the moment and with some warmer temperatures and rain forecasted this week, we will be waiting at least another week before the lift chairs start moving. But even if Mother Nature isn’t quite ready for winter, Blue Mountain Resort [...]

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Weather the Rights and Wrongs of the Forecast

It seems to happen every year, right around the beginning of autumn. Long range winter weather forecasts are sent out to the masses leaving everyone wondering whether or not the meteorologists have gotten it right this time. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, a few winter weather predictions have already come across the [...]

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