Calling All Students!

Being a teenager is never easy. How is one expected to balance the endless pressures of teen years on top of securing employment? Add in the stress of finding a job that is actually enjoyable, and it’s almost enough to just give up the search. With such a broad range of opportunities available, where does one begin?! It can be intimidating to anyone (not just youth!) to determine what type of industry to jump into.

Well, the committee of the South Georgian Bay noticed this need for employment education and decided to take a stand. Last Month on Blue Mountain turf, we participated in the annual Youth Career Expo to show students exactly How We Blue!

What Was This Expo All About?

The purpose of the Expo was to provide an opportunity for high school students to gain insight from local businesses about the various employment sectors the Southern Georgian Bay area has to offer.

The students were provided a Passport for the day. Instead of taking these students around the world, it took them on a tour of local businesses! They were required to speak with various exhibitors, asking questions that “stamped” their passport. No questions were off limits! Anything from the education required for certain positions, to favourite thing about ones career, to the pathway one took to get to where they are now. They asked – we answered!

It was a great opportunity to chat with our youth and learn about their career aspirations, as well as using it as a chance to brag about how much we all love our own jobs and the work we do!

Our Housekeeping Ambassador, Rachel, discussing the many great things about Blue with one of the student participants.

Spill It – What’s So Great About Blue?

Where do we start?! The Mountains, the Beach, the Culture, the Perks, and the chance to turn a Seasonal Opportunity into a Long Lasting Career. Seriously – it happens, just ask any one of our long time staff members!

So many members of the Blue Crew began their journey with a Short-Term mindset, only to realize the endless opportunities for movement and challenge around the Resort, sticking around for years to come.

Bringing it all Back to Blue

The Youth Career Expo is a great way to introduce students to life at Blue. Now that we’ve had the chance to meet our future superstars, it makes it that much easier to follow up. We try to make appearances to the local high schools in the following weeks to find familiar faces and chat in depth about Summer Opportunities around the Resort.

Developing these connections at events such as the Career Expo open the doors to the endless possibilities of Blue. Whether it be an exciting seasonal position or the beginning of a long career, we love getting the chance to show #howweblue.

Ok – You’ve Sold Me. Now, How do We Connect?

Visit our office at the Resort Operation Centre! Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. 190 Gord Canning Drive Blue Mountains, ON

To view a full list of opportunities (student or not!) visit our website at

Give us a quick call! 705-445-0231 ext. 51420

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