What Is The Barn?

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If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering what does “The Barn” have to do with Blue Mountain Resort? Well, we can assure you that we’re not starting a sustainable farming operation, or leaving the ski industry for a future in agriculture. However, the story of The Barn does involve cultivating something.

The Ski Barn was Blue Mountain’s original social hub.

In 1949, a new facility, called the Ski Barn, was built out of an existing barn at the base of Blue Mountain. The Barn became the ski headquarters of the resort, providing food facilities, accommodations and fun. This building was the very beginning of the spirit that cultivated what Blue Mountain has become today. Although it has been some time since this gathering spot stood at Blue Mountain Resort, this blog has been created with The Barn’s original purpose in mind: to share stories, engage with guests and celebrate all there is to do at Blue!

Blue Mountain’s Founder, Jozo Weider, playing lead accordion during one of many early celebrations at The Barn.

We’ve split our posts into two different categories. The Lift Line is where you can go to get insight from our team and our guests on all the “can’t miss” experiences around the Resort. From sample itineraries and vacation planning tips, to first-timer guide and more, you’ll find it on the Lift Line. The Blueprint is put together by our Human Resources team and will give you a sneak peek into the daily lives of employees and “How We Blue” at the Resort.

Happy reading!