5 Essential Life Skills That Summer Camp Will Teach Your Kid

Summer is the perfect time for kids to break free from their routine, put away their screens, and enjoy their time outside. That’s why we offer a variety of different Summer Camps that guarantee life-long memories and friendships, and teach valuable life lessons. Read on as we explore five essential life skills that your kid will learn at Blue Mountain Summer Camp!

1. Courage

At Mountainside Camp, kids discover how brave they can be by trying exciting activities like climbing Lumber Lanes, or overcoming obstacles at Canopy Climb Net Adventure. This helps them boost their confidence and overcome fears. With the help from counsellors and friends, they learn their potential.

2. Teamwork & Collaboration

What better place to learn teamwork and collaboration than at the beach? During Beachside Camp, kids gain teamwork and collaboration skills through playing beach games, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and more. Whether it’s working together to construct sandcastles or strategizing during a game of beach volleyball, these experiences foster a sense of shared achievement that create meaningful bonds among the campers.

3. Leadership

Blue Mountain’s Leader In Training Camp (LIT) and Skills Camp lay a solid foundation for leadership development. Catering to those going into their teenage years, participants learn to take initiative, guide their peers, and make mindful decisions that impact them and their surroundings. Engaging in various sports and activities not only sharpens their skills, but also pushes them to become role models for others. Through mentorship by passionate counsellors and hands-on experiences, they discover their potential to lead.

4. Confidence

Confidence is the name of the game! And guess what? Multi-Sport Skills Camp and Beachside Camp are here to boost your kid’s confidence while creating life-long memories and friendships here at Blue. Whether they’re being active on the water, or and participating in various drills and conditioning exercises on land, campers walk away ignited by their love for movement and confident in their abilities to tackle their outdoor activity.

5. Discipline & Focus

Monterra Tennis Camp is where kids become tennis pros while mastering discipline and focus. They’ll learn the value of practice, patience, and determination, skills that reach far beyond the court. As they polish their tennis techniques, they’ll hone their focus, which will help them thrive in every part of their lives.

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