Team Blue

Elevating Experiences One Mountain Adventure At A Time

From operations to administration, to guest services and more, meet the people who make the Mountain so special!

  • Name: Steve S.
  • Department: Mountain Adventures

At the heart of Blue Mountain works Steve Simpson, the Manager of Mountain Adventures. Steve revels in any opportunity to be outdoors and jumped at the chance to combine his background in outdoor education and leadership development with his love for Blue Mountain. Fostering personal and professional growth in his team members is a highlight of his job.

To those unfamiliar with the inner workings of Blue Mountain, the Mountain Adventures team oversees nine summer attractions and two winter attractions, with a primary focus on high-altitude fun—ropes courses, climbing zones, netted adventures, and zip lines. While technical skills can be taught, it is the team’s soft skills—such as a positive attitude and friendliness—that set them apart.

“The look in my daughter’s eyes when she connected her personal experience during her first time on Canopy Climb Net Adventure with what her Daddy does for work; truly magical.”

Steve S.

Though winter activities are synonymous with Blue Mountain, Steve is delighted by Blue’s year-round appeal that allows fun and excitement to extend beyond the snowy season. One standout experience he recommends to anyone visiting is the night skating on the Woodview Mountaintop Skating Trail — a 1.1 kilometre trail that offers an unparalleled thrill against a backdrop of starry skies.

“The spirit of the staff is what keeps up going. It takes commitment and alignment to the common goal; providing a safe and elevated guest experience, and having fun doing it!”

Steve S.

Steve’s passionate attitude towards elevating experiences and making great memories for guests and guides alike, embodies the spirit of Blue Mountain. The tight-knit community and the interconnectedness of individuals who share a common passion creates a unique synergy that is hard to replicate in a job elsewhere, and it is this collective spirit that makes working at Blue Mountain a truly remarkable experience. If you’re interested in joining Steve’s team, check out our Careers page here.

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