If Not Now, When?

This past season the Human Resources team decided we needed to make the most out of the summer. Following the lead of some other Departments on Resort, we decided to make an HR Bucket List!

The goal:

  • Complete as many group activities as possible
  • #LiveItOutside

We all wrote down what we hoped to accomplish or finish by the end of the summer – and away we went.

While some activities may have been a little more ambitious (IE. Ride your bike to work day) others were an easy treat (IE. Sushi Dinner – YUM).

We Gondola’d (I’ll make this a word), we climbed, we beached and we picnicked, but most importantly we tried different things!

Even though we didn’t necessarily complete all we set out to do – it was a great way to motivate us to get more involved and participate in not only team building activities, but also take advantage of all of the fun stuff around Blue.

That’s a wrap!

Pics or it Didn’t Happen…

Sound Like Fun?

We thought so too!

While it may be too late for some warm weather activities, why not make a bucket list for the fall, winter, or even next summer?! The possibilities are endless!

Try to do something new each week and take advantage of the fun stuff we have at the Resort and the local community. It is a great way to get involved with your current team, friends/family or even a way to meet new people.

If you’re looking for a list of fun things to do around Blue, check out bluemountain.ca/discover-blue

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