Blue Mountain Gift Guide

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Alright now that you’re being serenaded by the vocal stylings of N’Sync, let us take the Holiday stresses off your shoulders with the ultimate gift guide for the winter enthusiasts in your life.

  1. Double the fun

Who wants to go skiing or boarding alone? Not a single person I know. If you did not know, a Double Down is two 8 hour lift tickets that can be redeemed at the same time, or on two separate occasions. Gifting the Double Down means that you have a 95% chance of enjoying the gift as well.

2. The Gift that keeps on giving.

What if we told you that you could gift over 100 days of skiing and snowboarding for as little as $250, would that be of interest for you? The 5×7® Season Pass is sure to be a hit with the skiers and snowboarders in your life. You get unlimited access Monday to Friday, and 3:30pm to close on Saturday and Sunday. Spend more time with your loved ones with a winter full of chairlift laughs, crisp turns and après celebrations

3. Welcome to Winter

Do you have someone in your life that has finally accepted that Canadian winters are meant to be enjoyed? Well, lucky for you we have the perfect gift for you! The Newbie Ski/Snowboard Package. Take it from me if you want your spouse, partner, friend, sibling etc to remain in that role – DO NOT TEACH THEM HOW TO SKI OR BOARD! Tensions can be high, instead introduce them in a safe, supportive environment of the Newbie Program. This 5 step self guided program will allow your special someone to navigate the steps as they feel comfortable, and then can confidently move onto the next step.

4. Overnight Gifting

For those on the really nice, or naughty (we don’t judge) list, the Ski and Stay package is for you. Get away for a night or two, AND now with the Ontario Government travel tax incentive, it’s almost like a free vacation? Anyways the pillowtop mattresses, the hand in hand walking through a Hallmark Village, ski in/ski out access. It is sure to be THE gift of the season.

5. 20/20 Vision

The old saying goes “Look Good. Feel Good. Ride Good.” and you’ll sure look good in the Squad Mag goggles from SMITH. Forget about changing tedious lenses, the magnetic technology lets you flick a switch and then BAM lens is swapped in under 15 seconds. Available at Hillside Outfitters, and if you purchased that 5×7® then you can get 15% off.

6. Roasty and Toasty

Staying warm in the winter is key to fun. Smartwool Baselayers are the cream of the crop. Made from merino wool, they keep you nice and toasty without being sweaty. Merino wool might be a bit of a higher price point, but you’ll truly notice the difference in quality.  You can pick them up at Hillside Outfitters, and if you purchased that 5×7® then you can get 15% off

7. Fire Phalanges

I don’t know about you, but as soon as my fingies or toes get cold it is GAME OVER! I for years have just bought whatever was on sale at the big box store, and never truly investigated the glove game. Enter Dakine. I purchased a pair of the Fleetwood Mitt. It is leather, and comes in cool patterns (as well as the classic black) and it was a like a light bulb went off, fireworks and I knew that by cheeping out I was the issue. Once again you’re paying for quality but when you spend $19.99 a year every year on sub par gloves, are you really saving in the long run?  This is year I also purchased myself a pair of the Baron Gore-Tex Trigger mitt so I can stay warm, but also live life for the gram. Hillside Outfitters is your best spot to pick these up, score 15% off with that 5×7®

8. Make a splash this summer!

Seems a bit odd to be thinking about next summer, while we are all patiently waiting for snow, BUT this is an unreal deal. Mountainside and Beach camps sell out every year. Summer Camp is on sale for a limited amount of time and your savings is huge. Your kids will be stoked to spend their summers at Blue. This is really a gift for the whole family.

9. What about FORE the golfer?

While most of this is targeted at winter – we can’t fore-get the golfers in your life. Golf at Monterra Sunday through Thursday, and save up to $100 on rounds. This is much easier to wrap than a set of golf clubs.

10. On Hill Fun.

I will repeat my previous statement “DO NOT TRY TO TEACH YOUR LOVED ONES TO SKI/BOARD”. Everyone will have a much better time if you leave it up to the trained professionals. Lucky for you we have all of our Christmas Snow School Camps as part of our holiday gift guide. This isn’t just limited to the wee little shreds. We have programming for Racers, Masters and even Freestyle athletes.

11. Treat yourself!

I don’t know if this one really counts, but just treat yourself to a $30 pre season tune. Don’t worry about fighting with the wax, iron and sharpening your edges. Drop your gear off, come back in 48 hours and like magic – it will be ready for you so you can spend more time enjoying the things you love.

While we might not be Oprah, these are our favourite things and most would agree that if you were to receive these under the tree, it would be a Christmas to remember.

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