Explore All Day

From mountaintop views to hidden gems, there are endless ways to explore Blue Mountain. Grab your water bottle, your hiking shoes and your sense of adventure as you head out for a day outside.

Adults can Play All Day

Let’s get out and have an adventure together! Wake up and enjoy your first morning coffee with a view overlooking Blue Mountain Village and the green hills of Blue Mountain in one of our Village Suites / Westin Trillium House at Blue Mountain Suites. Before you snap that first bathrobe clad photo, make sure to book your time slots for the Add-On Adventures you’re looking…

Play All Day – Littles Edition

It may be time for a holiday but we understand little little kids don’t seem to have a snooze button, even on vacation. At least an early start does give you more time to get the most out of your Play All Day adventures!

Binge Worthy Flicks

I had to collaborate with a few team members on this, otherwise it would be a love letter to women’s snowboarding parts and old forum movies – Devun Walsh, I love you <3. Without further ado, here is a pretty epic list.