NEW: Lumber Lanes Climbing Centre

What do Tetris, ladders, and bouldering all have in common? Come find out at the Lumber Lanes Climbing Centre, our newest Summer attraction that’s now open! Whether you’re a kid just looking to find their way, or an adult who is, like, totally NOT afraid of heights, Lumber Lanes is the perfect challenge for beginner and experienced climbers alike. Located just under our Wind Rider Triple Zips zipline, you can’t miss this incredible outdoor adventure.

With 8 lanes to choose from, climbers can pick from a variety of unique climbing holds like traditional grips, wooden pegs, and vertical ropes, each with multiple routes at varying levels of difficulty. Make your way up the 12 metre wall (yes your math is mathing, that is 40 FEET!) at your own pace, or challenge your besties to a speed climb to see who comes out on top, literally. Once you’ve reached new heights, put your trust to the test when you jump off the wall and auto belay down to your admiring friends, jealous little brother, or slightly anxious parent.

Guests of all ages can access this attraction with a Play All Day Pass, which will also let you jump around in our newly expanded Canopy Climb Net Adventure and ride on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster among other summer attractions. Talk about a perfect summer day full of fun! Will you master the most difficult route, or will the heights get to your head? Come find out at Lumber Lanes Climbing Centre, now open!

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