Everyday is a Good Day On Hill for Richie

Forever Young! That is the best way to describe Richie. At 32 years of age he doesn’t do anything mildly. He goes all out in all aspects of his life, from the snowboard hill to the after parties and his career to his home life. He has been a staple in the Blue Mountain Terrain Park for over 16 years, and goes just as hard today, as he did back then.

Tell us about your best day on hill?

There have been so many fun days for different reasons but I would have to say my best day was last winter when it snowed about 2-3 feet overnight and we went straight to Happy Bowl. It had been untouched and we got 5-6 runs of fresh snow all to ourselves. 

Who do you call on a blue bird/pow day?

My crew consists of Jack Bernstein, Kevin Konings, Nick Venditti, Paul Reid, Ben Carleton

What is your recipe for a great day on hill?

Good friends and good times. Sunny for park and snow for pow is a bonus. 

What is your ski day routine?

Wakeup at the Brotel (our chalet in Blue) and have some breakfast. Do some stretching and watch snowboard vids to get pumped up. Head over to The Orchard if it’s a park day. We do as many laps as we can until we get hungry for lunch. Head to the Bullwheel and get chili bread bowls. Head back out for a couple of hours and hit Rusty’s for apr├ęs activities then back to the chalet to change and hit the hot tubs. After we usually hit the village for dinner and potentially bars. 

Tell me about how you got started on hill?

I grew up loving snowboarding but didn’t have the means as a young kid. I started skateboarding a few years before and knew I’d love it. Once I got my board and license I started going with friends who already snowboarded. I picked up the basics pretty quickly and headed straight into the terrain park. After about a season I started competing and met a lot of my best friends today. I’ve now been able to snowboard all over North America and even Japan and New Zealand. 

Finish the sentence: Everyday is a good day when...You’ve got a good crew to ride with. 

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